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Kevin De Bruyne Sparks Fashion Debate with Baggy Jeans and Coat Combo

Kevin De Bruyne Sparks Fashion Debate with Baggy Jeans and Coat Combo

Kevin de Bruyne is undergoing a frustrating period when he has to be patient with his recovery from injury. The Belgian midfielder is looking to get back to action after recovering from a hamstring injury that required him to undergo surgery.

He is using this time to really slim down and cut down on his weight. Some fans are already excited that the ‘peak KDB’ might return once he gets back to top shape. As he awaits a return to action, De Bruyne is spending time supporting his Manchester City teammates as much as possible.

The midfielder was in attendance in their 6-1 demolition of Bournemouth in the Premier League on Saturday (4 November). While De Bruyne was not seated anywhere near the bench, he did step onto the field of play at one point.

In that moment, one viewer was able to take a picture of the interesting attire that he wore to the match. De Bruyne seemingly went with a really casual look for the game.

He was seen wearing a black hoodie and also draped an overcoat on top of it. This could be to protect himself from the chilly weather as winter starts setting in Europe.

But in a rather strange fashion, he decided to wear baggy jeans and sneakers on the bottom. This has divided opinions among fans, with some finding it to be really slick and others absolutely hating it.

Fans have complained how the attire doesn’t compliment him at all and how weird pairing jeans with a hoodie and overcoat looks like.

Others are pretty impressed by how well he is able to carry off this combo and how he looks ‘cold’ with this attire.

What fans will agree on is their pleasure to see De Bruyne back at the Etihad Stadium.

He looks to be in a pretty decent shape and will be pushing to get back to action quickly to empower Manchester City’s dreams of reclaiming all the major trophies.