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Kevin De Bruyne chimes in on Eden Hazard v David Silva debate

Kevin De Bruyne chimes in on Eden Hazard v David Silva debate

The last decade of the Premier League was truly blessed, as fans got to witness some incredible footballers operating at the peak of their powers simultaneously. The likes of Alexis Sanchez, Mohamed Salah, Mesut Ozil, Harry Kane etc all lit up the pitch consistently. 

This list also includes two technical maestros, who are often compared with each other. 

Eden Hazard and David Silva were among the League’s best during their respective terms, and fans continue to debate who was the superior player. 

Both players possessed an unbelievable first touch, incredible passing range, and the ability to manoeuvre out of tight places with relative ease. 

The pair also enjoyed plenty of success at their respective clubs, which is why the comparison is essentially an even contest. 

While debates will rage on, fans received perhaps the definitive from a fellow teammate of the two. 

In an interview with Wow Hydrate, Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne was asked for his preference between David Silva and Eden Hazard. 

The Belgian replied, “That dirty question. I’m going to say, Eden, Eden is special. When he was on it, he was on it. David was probably more consistent, Eden has qualities that not a lot of players have in the world, that’s why.”

If anyone’s qualified enough to deliver a judgment, it’s De Bruyne, and evidently, he aligns with his Belgian compatriot. 

The debate could be spiced up even more if the 30-year-old was thrown into the mix as well. Hazard, Silva or De Bruyne? Now that’s a head-scratcher. 

However, if he maintains his level for a few more years, he’ll certainly have an edge over the two.