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Meet The UAE Commentator Who’s a Total Gary Neville Doppelganger

Meet The UAE Commentator Who’s a Total Gary Neville Doppelganger

Gary Neville has become one of the most renowned and prominent pundits in England for his work for Sky Sports. The ex-Manchester United captain has been working for Sky for many years and gained a reputation for his strong opinions and neutral punditry.

Neville has his own admirers and haters for the way he handles himself on live TV. He has often been mocked for his appearance, but it appears that he might have a doppelganger in Asia. Indeed, recently a viral image of a Saudi Arabia TV pundit went viral because of his similarity to Neville.

Being referred as the ‘Saudi Gary Neville’, this person is strikingly similar to the ex-United defender. He has nearly identical facial features and his stout expressions seem exactly how Neville looks when seriously dealing with a topic.

For some, this is exactly how Neville could look like if draped in the traditional Islam attire. There is an uncanny similarity here that fans find hilarious.

The man, in reality, is former Asian footballer Hassan Ibrahim. He is also not working in Saudi Arabia but for Abu Dhabi TV channel AD Sports. Ibrahim has been acting as an analyst for the channel for quite some time and isn’t that involved in analysing Premier League matches.

Instead, AD Sports mostly covers matches in Abu Dhabi and the leagues across the Middle East. They are also active in covering matches from Sere A, the MLS and Australia’s A-League as well. Ibrahim’s job is to analyse key moments of matches as well as give his opinion on a team or player’s performance.

Thanks to the help of social media, Ibrahim has gone viral and been able to be reputed among a larger audience. Unfortunately, it isn’t for his punditry work but because of his ability to come off as a Gary Neville copycat and how it could be really funny if he comes face-to-face with the Sky Sports pundit.