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Verdict: These Fake Ajax x Bob Marley Kits Are Pure Fire

Verdict: These Fake Ajax x Bob Marley Kits Are Pure Fire

AFC Ajax have a very interesting connection with iconic Jamaican musician Bob Marley. It apparently dates back in 2008, when Ajax fans were sent into raptures by hearing ‘Three Little Birds’ after a friendly game against Cardiff City.

Following that, Ajax fans have developed this intimate connection to Marley. In 2018, the late musician’s son even sang that song in their stadium.

Due to the craze around Marley, Ajax even released a special kit in 2021. This tribute to Marley saw the Jamaican national flag colours on the kit and three little birds intricately on the Amsterdam Andreas crosses too.

Unfortunately, Ajax were banned from wearing this for UEFA matches due to certain rules. The kit still had fans swooning over it. It appears that this craze got to such a level that other manufacturers started creating fake versions of Ajax’s kits.

Recently, a few new ‘Bob Marley’ edition of Ajax’s alternative kits started making rounds on social media. The first prominent one is similar to the Ajax x Bob Marley kit of the 2021/22 season. It has a similar colour pattern, but a major change in design.

This kit has the Jamaican flag colours draped in a big zig-zag shape right in the middle of the shirt. There is a drawing of Marley in the front of the kit along with the word ‘reggae beats’ written in the yellow, green and red colour combo too.

The reggae beats are also written on one sleeve along with a picture of Marley on the other. A huge lion wearing sunglasses is drawn in the back of the kit along with the three little birds. An alternate version of this kit is also doing rounds.

The other version has a drawing of Marley singing to a mic inscribed on the front. There are also some of his iconic quotes like ‘Everything is gonna be alright’ and ‘Money can’t buy everything’ written in it.

In the back of this kit, a picture of a smiling Bob Marley is visible along with the quotes ‘Live the life you love’ and ‘Love the life you live’ written below and above.

With that being said, it has since been confirmed that these kits are indeed fake and not official Adidas or Ajax-licensed ones. Irrespective of that, knowing Ajax fans’ craze with Marley, these fake kits are still likely to sell like hotcakes.