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Ajax to release a Bob Marley inspired third kit for 21/22 season

Ajax to release a Bob Marley inspired third kit for 21/22 season

AFC Ajax are reportedly going to pay tribute to legendary musician Bob Marley on their alternate kit for the 2021/2022 season, according to a leak on Twitter.

Notorious football kit website Footy Headlines have also reported the leak, which further increases the chances of the new Ajax alternate kit being credible.

The Adidas-manufactured kit will be set in black, with the trademark three stripes featuring the Rastafi colours of red, gold and green.

The collar and the stars above the club crest will also feature the said colours, and the three stripes will be placed on the shoulders. The club crest, the manufacturers’ logo and the shirt sponsor’s logos in front of the shirt will be set in red.

While the tribute from the Amsterdam club to the late American musician might be out of context for some, it is actually a fact that Bob Marley, an avid admirer of football, was an AFC Ajax follower in his day.

Ajax fans will be thrilled to have a kit as beautiful as this one doing the rounds for their club next season, and there will definitely be a lot of demand for the beautiful concept kit if it indeed becomes reality in the season to come.