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Not sure if Mikel Arteta or Scott Steiner as Arsenal boss turns to bizarre stats to defend poor form

Not sure if Mikel Arteta or Scott Steiner as Arsenal boss turns to bizarre stats to defend poor form

Arsenal are in the middle of a full blown crisis to say the least. The North London outfit have registered a total of 14 points from their 14 games played in the Premier League this season, and they have lost a whopping total of eight games out of them.

The ever increasing pressure on head coach Mikel Arteta is not dying down with every negative result, and the Spaniard seems to have found himself in a very unwanted position of attention after Arsenal’s away loss to Everton at Goodison Park this past weekend.

It might still get worse for Arteta as he faces former boss Pep Guardiola and ex-employers Manchester City in an English League Cup quarter-final match tonight, as he felt the heat from journalists in the press conference leading up to that game. Arteta quoted percentages of chances of his team winning every game that they have lost this season.

Arteta ranted about his team going on to lose every game in which they had far higher chances of winning the game rather than to lose it, and cited various examples from last season as well as the current season.

The Arsenal manager made it a point to explain how “incredible” it is as Arsenal have gone on to lose a majority of games this season in which they were considered favourites to win.

When you look at the perspective how we are losing football matches and how we are where we are it’s pretty incredible.

Last year against Everton we won the game with 25 per cent chance of winning, supported by the stats. We won 3-2. Last weekend it was 67 per cent chance of winning and nine percent of losing – and you lose.

— Mikel Arteta

Social media wasn’t going to leave the Arsenal boss alone after a rant like that and soon comparisons with famous wrestler Scott Steiner were drawn.

The WWE star went on an epic rant in one of the most insane promos before his TNA World Heavyweight Title match against Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle back in 2008.

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