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Twitter user creates hilarious ‘Arteta spectrum’ that Arsenal fans find themselves in nowadays

Twitter user creates hilarious ‘Arteta spectrum’ that Arsenal fans find themselves in nowadays

Mikel Arteta’s spell as Arsenal manager has divided opinion amongst their fans, to say the least of it. While the Spaniard has won the 2019/20 FA Cup final against Chelsea as well as the 2020/21 Community Shield against Liverpool since taking charge of the club in December 2019, the results, as well as the tactics, have not always worked in his favour.

As a result, the Arsenal head coach has divided opinion amongst the club’s supporters – and is considered to be quite the polarizing figure, as illustrated by a Twitter user who premiered ‘The Mikel Arteta spectrum.’

An Arsenal supporter on Twitter tweeted about the Mikel Arteta spectrum, listing the two polar opposite ends of the spectrum as well as the neutral part of their fanbase.

While the far left have been termed as ‘Artetasexuals’ who would defend everything that the former midfielder does in the home technical area at the Emirates Stadium, the far-right have been termed as the ‘Dictetas’ who quite frankly, are the opposite. They would rather bring up Arteta’s predecessor Unai Emery in every comparison, and list managers in the past that they do not necessarily know a lot about.

While the far left would spend hours on Twitter defending their manager and blame everybody else other than the head coach, the far-right would kill for an excuse to go for Arteta’s head.

In between the two ends of the spectrum lies the neutral 0.1%, who have been termed as ‘the intellectuals’. The minority in comparison to the far right and the far left occupying 49.95% of the supporters each, the intellectuals are open-minded and fair people.

As opposed to the two extremes who would do anything to run their respective agendas, the intellectuals judge with analysis and do not simply go by favouritism – which results in them being either in support of the head coach or the contrary.

The Arteta spectrum

Irrespective of their loyalties towards the head coach, they tend to pursue fair debates and acknowledge their mistakes – unlike the two ends of the ‘Arteta spectrum’, in what was a hilarious but accurate illustration of the Arsenal supporters on Twitter.