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Are the Logos Too Big? Fans Sound Off on Leaked Arsenal Home Kit for 24/25 Season

Are the Logos Too Big? Fans Sound Off on Leaked Arsenal Home Kit for 24/25 Season

The 2023/24 season slowly heads towards a close, with the conclusion of leagues around the world and the Champions League to be decided in the next few weeks. So, it’s only normal we are already beginning to hear and learn about the plans of different clubs for next season.

Potential signings, expected departures, managerial changes, changes in the boardroom, contract renewals, and even the most exciting part, brand new kits. As the next season’s kits are being unveiled by clubs or leaked on social media, Arsenal’s 2024/25 home kit was recently leaked on media and it’s fair to say, the jury’s still out on that one.

Modeled by global German sports manufacturer Adidas, this season, Arsenal had a stunning home kit with red as the usual primary color with white sleeves, shorts and socks. The gold trim of the kit was undoubtedly the most beautiful part and it really stood out on the pitch. Add to that the gold plated Arsenal crest and logos, it really is one of the top 10 kits of the season.

While the season’s kit has been an absolute hit for the club’s supporters and football fans alike, the new season’s jersey seems to be a hit and a miss. The color combinations remain the same, red as the primary color with white sleeves. The difference can be seen in the blue colored trim and jersey sharpenings that can also be seen on the shorts.

An innovative yet decent design, the kit has received a mixed reaction from its supporters. Firstly, many fans are drawing attention to the increased sizes of the Adidas logo and the sponsor. A move that has certainly not gone down well.

It is also been said how the jersey awfully looks like Ajax’s home kit. So striking is the resemblance, it is very difficult to unsee it once the similarity strikes your eyes.

Some of the Arsenal fans are also not really enthusiatic or even looking forward to the new blue trims, fair considering the amazing gold stripes they had this season.

But if there’s one thing all fans are loving about it, it’s the Arsenal crest. Instead of using the modern and revamped Arsenal badge, they reverted to the old Gunners crest ‘the canon’ for this one and it looks safely at home.

While the season’s kit may be judged to be a 50-50, nothing can be said for sure until it goes on floor in May. Even the away and third kit are yet to be dropped or leaked.

Regardless, the jersey will be bought in numbers due to Arsenal’s massive and expansive fanbase and who knows, once it drops it might change the fans’ reaction. It also remains to be seen, if Arsenal accomplish something great whilst wearing this kit. That would make it beyond precious.

After all a kit is more than just a kit, a jersey. It means more for the fans and stands for something, hopefully silverware. It is an emotion that tells a story.