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Spurs fan produces concept kits for next season – and they are insane

Spurs fan produces concept kits for next season –  and they are insane

There are a lot of factors that football fans love about their clubs and football in general. The style of play, the history of their club, the rivalries in the game, the success of their clubs, the support they provide and a lot more. But one aspect that must not be overlooked is the kits that the players don during the season.

It is quite surprising how kits have become integral to the game. The designs for them have revamped over the years and will continue to improve with advancements in technology.

When seasons come to a close, most clubs give the fans a gist of the kits for the next season, with players wearing the new kits for the final games of the current season.

Not to mention, throughout the second half of the season, social media is laden with rumors and speculation about the kits for the upcoming season. This, paired with fans designing concept kits for their clubs, give the footballing community a spectacle to feast their eyes upon.

Social media was recently introduced to a Spurs fan’s mock-up kits for the 2019-20 season. The fan designed the concepts using Adobe PhotoShop and produced three variants for the kits – home, away and third.

The home kit featured the traditional Spurs colors, with a classy retro design, with a white top and blue shorts, with the collars and sleeves having blue accents.

The away kit featured an all blue look, with white accents on the logo, sleeves, and collarbones. All black and purple accents were the looks for the third kit, which is reminiscent of Spurs manager Pochettino’s look on virtually all matchdays.

The fan’s work was well appreciated and adored, with some fans even suggesting that Tottenham should consider these designs for the upcoming season.

With technology aiding fans in realizing their concepts for kits for their favorite clubs, should clubs be looking at the fans’ designs for their future kits, rather than sticking to the rarely eye-catching templates of the kit sponsors?

Would you be happy to see these Spurs concept kits become a reality next season? Needless to say, these concepts are a mouth-watering prospect. Here are some other cool concept designs :