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New Tottenham concept kit doing the rounds online looks ‘1000x better’ than the leaked design

New Tottenham concept kit doing the rounds online looks ‘1000x better’ than the leaked design

Football kits have become symbolic in nature and ignite a sense of emotion and pride in the hearts of the fans. The growing competence amongst the Premier League clubs means that the aspect of the kits now has more significance behind it than ever before. With mega-corporations such as Nike and Adidas thriving off the industry, fans expect them to deliver the best of kits to represent their favourite clubs.

Talking of Tottenham Hotspur, they’ve held up their plain white home kit ever since the dawn of the Premier League era. Because of the sheer monotonicity, Nike, Spurs’ kit sponsors since 2017, have opted to go for a new approach.

The leaked images via Footy Headlines showcases the possible 20-21 Tottenham strip, which comprises of some broad variations and designs, something which one rarely associates with a Spurs kit.

It pairs the traditional white base of the home kit with navy and yellow trim, and accompanied on the inside are lateral zig-zag templates that mirror the style.

Although eye-catching for a Spurs kit, the fans, fair to say, weren’t too impressed with the offering as Twitter expressed some polarizing views on the topic.

However, an alternative fan-made concept kit, which hit the internet soon after the leak, seems to be doing the “business” for the time being –

The new illustration replaces the yellow patches of the leaked kit with an overall navy and cyanic blue theme. It places the sponsorship logo over a graffiti-esque design with the inner zig-zag patterns substituted with basic harmonious outlines.

The concept kit also combines the traditional pristine white look with unique templates to breathe new life into the strip.

The re-imagination was duly appreciated by the fans but left them with much more to desire from their club’s outfits next season.