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Next season home kit looks banging as Arsenal fan photoshops rumored design on Nicolas Pepe

Next season home kit looks banging as Arsenal fan photoshops rumored design on Nicolas Pepe

Here at Thick Accent, we’ve covered a variety of concept and fan made kits before – be it this smashing Spurs kit made off of the famous Nigeria jersey, or a polarising Arsenal one that was made by inverting the colours of their current home kit.

Today, however, we’re taking a look at an illustration that was made by a Gunners fan and is causing genuine excitement within the Arsenal fan community.

This one is unique in that it is simply the fan’s visualization of what is already pretty much confirmed to be the Londoners’ kits for the 2020-21 season.

The design for the new jersey has been leaked by Footy Headlines – a leading expert in the field – and is currently making the rounds on the internet.

The leaks show patches of the Arsenal jersey that are nearly identical to the current ones, with the exception of some uniquely shaped patterns added in.

The patterns look like arrowheads with alternating dark and light red colouring. They are present on the crimson shirts, with the white sleeves looking pristine apart from the sponsorship logo.

While changes might feel incremental at first glance, the jersey is very easily distinguishable from the present kit and looks unique – a tough ask in today’s world considering design palettes have become highly saturated.

Twitter user @LacaZte decided to breathe life into this new template and photoshopped the patterns onto a photo of Arsenal midfielder Nicolas Pepe.

While the patterns will probably look slightly different when the official jersey actually comes out, the visualization is clean and the design looks very appropriate for the kit.

The overall package, one must say, looks solid, with Twitter also reaching the same consensus. Gunners fans can hardly wait for the kit to be introduced.