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Ever wondered how would the current Arsenal home kit look if the colours were reversed?

Ever wondered how would the current Arsenal home kit look if the colours were reversed?

Among all the clubs in the Premier League, Arsenal is perhaps the only one whose kit colours have stayed constant for the longest time.

Ever since the beginning of the seventies, the gunners have stuck to a tried and tested colour palette: a predominantly red jersey with white sleeves, except for the 2007-08 season, when they mysteriously went for a ox blood/maroon kit (it was short lived, of course), and from ’08-10, when they went for a completely crimson jersey.

That is, all things considered, a period of nearly fifty years without having had a major change to the kit.

And yes, while it has developed into something iconic, the colour scheme becoming almost synonymous with the Londoners, the monotonous nature of the kits will have, quite naturally, left some fans ruing what could have been had the club decided to explore other avenues when it came to redesigning the shirts.

In the present day, of course, tools such as Photoshop have allowed supporters to breathe life to their visions of a new kit, and sometimes, the results are, well, interesting, to say the least.

Reddit user dziumbryla decided to answer a simple question using the popular photo editing tool – how would the current Arsenal kit look like if the colour scheme was turned on its head?

The Reddit user decided to experiment on photo of Aubameyang, and while his technical ability must be commended, opinions are evenly divided, with not everyone being happy with the result, for various reasons.

One user rightly pointed out that the modified jersey – with red sleeves and and a white shirt – now looked eerily similar to RB Leipzig and RB Salzburg kits from years past.

Another grouse was that the kit’s colour scheme was simply too generic and could be confused with other European clubs such as Ajax and Monaco, to name a few. Other detractors simply opined that it was horrid and that it needed to be burnt.

There was, of course, an equal amount of praise, with some admiring the kit’s minimalist features.

Some even commented that it was so good that it should actually be adopted by the gunners as perhaps a specially themed Christmas kit.

Either way, one thing’s for sure: the design was interesting enough to pique a lot of folks’ curiosity.

Check it out below –