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The Aston Villa star Arsenal fans want to see unlocking defences along with the likes of Aubameyang & co. next season

The Aston Villa star Arsenal fans want to see unlocking defences along with the likes of Aubameyang & co. next season

Could a Jack Grealish – Arsenal link up be within the realms of possibility?

Fans of both the Gunners and the Aston Villa talisman certainly seem to think so, with their hushed whispers and fervent prayers only growing louder as the season has progressed..

Things have taken a significant turn in the past few months, with Grealish putting up an Instagram story about how the Emirates Stadium was his favourite in the league and how it was a pleasure for him to play there.

With the story having cropped up after Villa last played there, all the way back in September, and with there being no further match-ups between the two clubs for the rest of the season, Grealish was well within his rights to praise his otherwise rival club.

Then again, was there any chance of the footballing world looking at it that way?

When presented with such a strong set of circumstances, the fans naturally went in to a tizzy, frantically speculating that he could be joining the Londoners soon, possibly this summer. But could something like this actually be on the cards?

Let’s start off with the facts, first considering the player in question. Jack Grealish is barely 24 and is already only now showcasing to the world his enormous repository of talent.

Don’t get us wrong, the lad has always had the potential to be one of the greats, but his abysmal off-field behaviour and work ethic had brought his temperament into question.

That has, however, taken a massive turn for the better in the past three years, with Grealish mellowing out and coming into his own as an attacking midfielder.

In fact, Grealish, with seven goals, five assists and a monumental on-field presence in his twenty three Premier League games this season, has somehow single-handedly kept the Lions from dropping into the relegation zone, even if by a very marginal point difference.

That leads us to the next aspect; Grealish’s ambitions. For crying out loud, the man is already jostling for Gareth Southgate’s England Euro 2020 team (the Irish will never forgive Grealish for that).

A player of this calibre definitely deserves to play European football, and he might just get the chance to do that with a steadily improving Arsenal.

Plus, with the Gunners’ first team being in bit of tatters at the moment, Jack would more than get the adequate amount of playing time that he craves for.

Some fans are, of course, highly sceptical and believe the post to be nothing more than one of appreciation, yet the evidence is too strong to be dismissed.

The Arsenal faithful would absolutely love to see the lad connect with Aubameyang and Lacazette up front, and with the current state of things, who knows? Only this summer transfer window will tell.

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