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Watch: Bukayo Saka shows defensive nous with 1v1 shutdown of Jack Grealish

Watch: Bukayo Saka shows defensive nous with 1v1 shutdown of Jack Grealish

Jack Grealish is considered to be one of the best dribblers in the Premier League courtesy of his exploits for Aston Villa in the last couple of seasons. The English midfielder’s best trait includes his brilliant ability to take on defenders, and this often draws him fouls as hapless defenders cannot get near him without foul means.

Only the best defenders can stop Grealish one on one at his best, and Arsenal prodigy Bukayo Saka proved to be one of those recently in England training.

Recent footage of Grealish trying to get past Saka one on one emerged on social media, as England gear up for their 2020 European Championship Round of 16 clash against Germany.

The footage featured the Aston Villa talisman trying to get the better of the Arsenal talent with his variety of tricks and skills, but the 19-year-old showed incredible defensive mettle to shut Grealish down every single time that he thought that he had made his way around him.

Saka obstructed Grealish with a well-timed tackle, but it was not enough to put Grealish off as he twisted and turned – looking for a way to dribble past the teenager. Grealish went left and he went right, but Saka’s equally quick feet made sure that he was on his toes and did not allow Grealish any space to maneuver.

Finally, when Grealish made a second effort to leave Saka for dead with his acceleration, Saka was at his heels once again and won the ball with another tackle.

Saka’s defensive exploits earned him cheers from the whole squad, as he had just cleanly won the ball twice in quick succession, against the most fouled player in the Premier League.

Saka seemed to have Grealish’s number – and the Villa stalwart must be relieved that he will share a dressing room with Saka when the Three Lions take on Germany at Wembley on Tuesday.

Check out the Saka v Grealish duel at the 4-minute mark in the video below –