Bukayo Saka maintains social distancing while taking a photo with Arsenal fan at Sainsbury’s

Footballers are, at all times, the cynosure of the public eye. This has led to players being placed on a pedestal, essentially becoming heroes for their fans.

Of course, footballers are mere mortals and by no means infallible. Yet, in their exalted status, players are constantly under pressure to lead by example during times of duress.

The current CoronaVirus pandemic has been quite successful in showing the ugly side of these athletes.

However, there have also been many heartwarming articles that have showcased the great lengths players have undergone to be a beacon for their communities.

Saka shows the way

One such incident surfaced today, when a fan happened to find Arsenal prodigy Bukayo Saka at his local Sainsbury’s.

The London-born lad, presumably stocking up on supplies, greeted the fan and agreed to have a photo with him. 

However, the manner in which he managed to maintain the all-important dictum of social distancing during the impromptu meet and greet is certainly striking.

Saka was shown covering his face with the hood of his jacket throughout the interaction. He even maintained a fair bit of distance when it came to clicking a photo with the fan. 

Though young in age, the lad has certainly shown that he has the presence of mind and the moral standards to go along with it.


By Prahlad Rao

Extremely passionate about all things football (NOT soccer), I have been working as a freelance journalist for five years now. I am massively invested in the English leagues and would very much like the present season to make a comeback on the telly, thank you.

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