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What Does Bukayo Saka’s Girlfriend Tolami Benson Do For A Living?

What Does Bukayo Saka’s Girlfriend Tolami Benson Do For A Living?

Bukayo Saka has had a tough spell for England in Euro 2024, but one person to always cheer him on is his partner Tolami Benson. She’s been spotted attending multiple England games wearing her boyfriend’s jersey and strongly supporting him through this difficult period.

Benson has been relationship with Saka since late 2020. The duo have kept their love-life quite private and stayed out of the paparazzi’s eyes as much as possible. To her credit, the 23-year-old also likes her privacy and is not the usual WAG (wife or girlfriend) to depend on her star footballer partner’s riches.

That is because Tolami is actually a highly-educated and accomplished woman in her own right. She sought to get her proper degrees through her high school and university education.

Bukayo Saka’s partner Tolami Benson with a custom Three Lions leather jacket

Tolami Benson was born and brought up in the UK suburbs, and she did her primary school education at the Bishop’s Hatfield Girls’ School in Hatfield, Hertfordshire.

Benson first completed her GCSE’s in the school before doing a course in Business Studies and Marketing. She also did her education in Media, Film and Communcation studies from the same school before graduating from her schooling in 2019. After that, she moved to Birmingham to study for a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in the Public Relations and Media category.

It appears that Tolami did such extensive studying in the PR and Media communications because of her ambitions of shape her work-life around that field. After graduating from the Birmingham University in 2022, she immediately joined UK Luxury Department Store Harrods as a Sales Associate.

Benson had to achieve sales targets by efficient customer service and also help the store build a loyal customer base. She was also in charge of managing junior staff and overlooking their work. However, Tolami just worked a month at Harrods before taking up the role at UK PR and communications company Talking Drum Communications in London.

Of course, she took her work in London so that she could stay close to Saka. She only worked a few months as an Account Executive at Talking Drums, having to analyze marketing campaigns for clients, scheduling meetings and managing all the event-related work for the PR company.

But her first big breakthrough came as an Account Executive at Publicis Media. Her work at this company was similar to the one she did at Talking Drums.

She worked at Publicis Media for around a year from May 2023-May 2024, before taking up a new job as a Senior Planning Executive at the return-on-investment firm Zenith Media in London.

While she hasn’t exactly mentioned her work details upon joining Zenith, Tolami is likely to work on encouraging positive PR for businesses that hire the firm’s help. That probably means creating positive advertising campaigns and help enlarge their nation-wide reach by getting these businesses to perhaps sponsor certain popular local events to help improve their reputation.

As per estimations, a Senior Planning Executive’s base salary at Zenith is around £28,000-per-year, so it might be safe to assume that Tolami earns about that much from her work. The valuable thing about her work in the PR companies is that her work is hybrid, which allows her to travel around to different countries to support Saka. Even though Benson is obviously not as rich as her partner, she reportedly has a decent net worth of around £395,000 through her hard work.

She might have over 78,000 followers on Instagram and loves showing herself off, but the 23-year-old is a dedicated workaholic who is intent on intent on building her own reputation than just be known as Saka’s partner.