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What Type of Haircut Does Enzo Fernandez Have Right Now?

What Type of Haircut Does Enzo Fernandez Have Right Now?

What do footballers hate the most? Getting pushed? No. Getting fouled? No. Getting tapped on the head by an opponent? Definitely. And if the player is Enzo Fernandez then there shouldn’t be any doubt.

The Argentine midfielder is the glue that keeps his team compact in the middle of the park. But more than his nonchalant moves and deft passes, his hair strikes the eye the most.

Enzo has always been cautious about his hair, and his trendy hairstyles prove that. While the colour changed from black to white to black again, his fundamental hairstyle remained the same.

He maintains a mid-fade all around with a long fringe on the top. The sides are trimmed, but the back is a drop fade. Enzo generally maintains it till his neckline, and the top changes revolve around the same theme.

Sometimes the mid-fade is brushed back, while recently it is combed forward in a way that his hair aligns in a line touching the temple, just like he currently is maintaining.

But what if you want to have the same cut? What are you supposed to say to your barber?

Here’s your solution; ask your barber for a simple mid-fade. The back will have a heavy drop fade all the way down to the neckline. And yes, specify your service provider to keep it bulky as well. Voila! You’ll have your own Enzo Fernandez haircut. If it’s too much to remember, just say that you need a ‘Low Taper Fade’.

With his £180,000k weekly salary, having access to the best hairdressers in the country is not an obstacle. Enzo is a client of the famous London-based hair salon, Homme XY by Senyo.

For his efforts, Enzo’s barber even received his Chelsea shirt as a gift. Surely the barber has other jerseys as well, due to his numerous big-name clients.

Surprisingly, despite his fashionable lifestyle, Enzo Fernandez does not have any major brand endorsement deals yet. Apart from his boot sponsors, Nike, there’s no record of Enzo endorsing any regal brands of the fashion world.

His white-haired look was one for the streets to remember. During the 2022 FIFA World Cup, he vowed to dye his hair white if the team saw it through till the end.

On the fateful night of December 18, 2022, Gonzalo Montiel’s last spot kick ensured Fernandez gets to keep his promise. Enzo obliged and, after returning to Argentina, he dyed his hair white since then his hairstyles remain unmatched, even after removing the colour.