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Photo – New leak shows the Nike cap Jurgen Klopp might be wearing next season

Photo – New leak shows the Nike cap Jurgen Klopp might be wearing next season

After a long drawn out tussle between Liverpool and New Balance, the dust was finally settled in court. The ruling came in club’s favour. This gave them the green signal to enter into a lucrative five year contract from the 20-21 season with Nike.

Switch to Nike a good move for Liverpool ?

The contract is expected to be worth between about £80 million per year. The existing deal with New Balance was worth around £40 million a year. 

Fans are hyped about this move. As along with the additional revenue, it’s also expected to bring more prestige. Nike is the most valuable brand in the Sports business. While Liverpool are arguably the current best club in the world. Their partnership makes sense both commercial and sporting wise.

New makeover for Klopp

Jurgen Klopp can always be seen donning track pants and cap on the touchline. It has become the signature look for Klopp. Just like the knee length long coats of Wenger or the waistcoat of Southgate. Klopp’s attire can similarly be mentioned in the same breath. As with time, it has become his signature look. 

With the arrival of Nike, Klopp is sure to get a makeover as those New Balance track pants and cap are expected to be replaced by Nike gear.

We got a sneak peek to his new look as a fresh new leak surfaced on the internet. The leak reveals the new Nike cap which could soon become the new staple look for Klopp from the next season.

Images via OFOBALL

Expectations are high from this new formed partnership, with the Liverpool faithfuls extremely excited to feast on what Nike could be cooking for Liverpool next season.

The cap surely can be seen as a teasing appetizer, which is bound to make the fans even more excited about what’s more to come.