Ivan Rakitic gets Lionel Messi fans fuming with the choice of photo in his latest Instagram post

Ivan Rakitic has had a mixed bag at Barcelona. He is a Champions League winner and a World Cup finalist with Croatia. You would expect him to be a regular starter in the team.

Yet, this season he has warmed the benches more often than not. The amount of talented midfielders at Barca’s disposal has seen him lose game time.

Backlash for an Instagram post featuring Messi

He recently uploaded a picture reminiscing Croatia’s victory over Argentina in the World Cup.

The picture in question involved Lionel Messi attempting a challenge, with Rakitic avoiding the maestro and dribbling past him.

It is a well-known fact that Messi is adored and revered by the Blaugrana faithful. Some Barca fans were furious with the choice of picture. Seeing their hero in that position was intolerable in their eyes.

They made sure that Rakitic knew what they felt about him, and they were vocal in their request for him to leave Barca.

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