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“This. Is. Football.” – Fans react after Premier League players create contribution fund to fight Covid-19

“This. Is. Football.” – Fans react after Premier League players create contribution fund to fight Covid-19

Footballers at the topmost level live a luxurious lifestyle and get a fat paycheck every month from their clubs. In times like these, the players can always take the easy way out and spend their days living comfortably in their houses. They can quite manage to disregard the calamities happening in the outside world.

However, it is these circumstances which also bring out the best of one’s morals and responsibilities towards the society. We now have medical professionals valiantly combating the spread of the coronavirus, saving millions of lives. In this scenario, the least the general public can do is lend them all the support they need.

Leading by example, the Premier League professionals have decided to gather funds for the National Health Service(NHS). A part of the government, it has worked tirelessly to ensure the health and safety of English citizens.

The joint statement released by Premier League players

The #PlayersTogether initiative sees footballers partnering with NHS Charities Together (NHSCT), official charity partners of the NHS. This helps them to provide and distribute much-needed funds for staff, volunteers as well as patients. It is a great boon for the beneficiaries who are battling it out with the COVID-19 virus.

Consequently, several Premier League players have indicated their involvement in the same on social media. This has justifiably earned them a huge stamp of approval from the fans. In addition to that, the decision comes less than a week after Secretary of State for Health-care, Matt Hancock’s controversial comments regarding player wages.

He believed that slashing footballers’ remuneration should be an obligation, rather than a decision made out of free-will. And fans haven’t stood back to point out the fallacy in Hancock’s earlier statements –

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