Jordan Henderson and Liverpool players hailed for their fantastic gesture to tackle the foodbank shortage

Governments of many countries have issued notices to avoid mass gathering due to the outbreak of convid-19 or commonly known as coronavirus.

Due to it, sporting events around the world are either getting postponed, cancelled or being held without the fans. We had never witnessed anything like this in recent times.

Premier League spurred into action when Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta tested positive for coronavirus, as it postponed the games and is scheduled to return on 4th April but that’s highly unlikely. It has led to a trickle down effect that is felt by the clubs, staff, players, fans and even the community in general. 

Many people work behind the scenes during matchday and some of them work on contract basis, with matches being cancelled, they don’t know when is the next paycheck gonna come.

Also, fear of the virus has led to some people stockpiling supplies, leaving the less fortunate ones in the society even more exposed. Foodbanks, which are a non-profit, charitable organisation that distribute food to those who have difficulty purchasing enough to avoid hunger, were heavily dependent on match going fans to donate money or food. With matches being cancelled, they are bound to struggle.

In such trying times, it is necessary for the whole community to take care of each other and come together. Liverpool players have set an shining example in this regard by donating £40K to Fans Supporting Foodbanks.

A member of Fans Supporting Foodbanks said that Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson contacted him as the players wanted to help and have committed to covering all of the shortfalls that we will incur as a result of not being able to hold our usual match day collections. Earlier Aston Villa donated 850 staffed packed lunches and hot food to support homeless charities. Newcastle United also followed suit. 


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