(Video) Fan footage captures Jan Oblak’s incredible speed to join the celebrations after Atletico’s 2nd goal at Anfield

Oblak produced a heroic performance against Liverpool as he made some outstanding saves and was rightly awarded Man of the match in his 50th UEFA Champions league outing.

The Slovenian proved to be a wall in front of goal as he and Atletico withstood everything that Liverpool had to throw and proved everyone why he is among the best if not the best goalkeeper in the world.

While his performance against Liverpool made the headlines for all the right reasons but what surprised many about him came from a clip a fan posted on Twitter.

The moment came when Llorente scored the second goal for Atleti, which practically killed the tie.

Oblak can be seen running from his end to the other to celebrate with his teammates as he covered the entire length of the pitch in just a few seconds and showed everyone he has plenty of pace to burn too.

Oblak is the highest rated goalkeeper in FIFA20, but his speed is 51.

To put it into context, Bayern’s Centre back Boateng has acceleration and sprint speed of 64 and 67 respectively compared to Oblak’s 43 and 60. After this clip, surely this doesn’t add up, right EA Sports ??


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