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Rangers fans cite Klopp example before tearing into Celtic boss Neil Lennon for ‘classless’ behaviour

Rangers fans cite Klopp example before tearing into Celtic boss Neil Lennon for ‘classless’ behaviour

With all major footballing action coming to a standstill because of the spread of the COVID-19 disease across Europe, many famous personalities and clubs have come forward to communicate their stance on the situation.

The common expression amongst them was that the sport itself plays a subsidiary role given the circumstances and that health and safety of the people must be the priority for every nation.

In the midst of the words of consolation, Celtic Boss Neil Lennon recently came out in a press conference with a statement that has sparked outrage amongst football fans.

While responding to the possible scenario of an early conclusion of the SPFL, Lennon said – “If it was to stop now I would doubt very much that they would say it was null and void.”

“It could be death by a thousand cuts. We have played over 30 games, that’s well over two-thirds of the season so we should be declared champions.”

The Irish manager stressed again that Celtic, who are 13-points clear at the top, should be the worthy winners if the league is to end today.

“Certainly, if you are talking about the Armageddon of the league being cancelled or stopped, it should go on the average points total which would make us clear champions and rightly so.

“We are over 30 games into the season, they are not going to take that away from us.”

While from a sporting point of view, the statement might seem logical to some extent, however, considering the current environment of fear and concern in the public regarding the pandemic, this certainly was not the way or the time to express such views.

Interestingly, Liverpool manager Klopp issued a message on the same day striking a completely different chord than Lennon –

Liverpool last league title win came in the 1989-90 season, while Celtic were eyeing their 9th consecutive league title.

The words from the Celtic boss has provoked a strong reaction not just from the Rangers fans but from supporters of other Premiership clubs as well.

Many found Lennon’s comment lacked class while Klopp’s words struck home. Check out the reaction (be advised for the usage of strong words) below –

As football fans, none of us would be able to easily digest the fact that our favourite teams’ work and effort put into the season might go down in vain.

However, the current requirement for society is to stop the spread of the deadly virus. After all the health of the players and the fans is important if football, as we know, is to continue in future.