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Rangers fans cite Klopp example before tearing into Celtic boss Neil Lennon for ‘classless’ behaviour

With all major footballing action coming to a standstill because of the spread of the COVID-19 disease across Europe, many famous personalities and clubs have come forward to communicate their stance on the situation.

The common expression amongst them was that the sport itself plays a subsidiary role given the circumstances and that health and safety of the people must be the priority for every nation.

In the midst of the words of consolation, Celtic Boss Neil Lennon recently came out in a press conference with a statement that has sparked outrage amongst football fans.

While responding to the possible scenario of an early conclusion of the SPFL, Lennon said – “If it was to stop now I would doubt very much that they would say it was null and void.”

“It could be death by a thousand cuts. We have played over 30 games, that’s well over two-thirds of the season so we should be declared champions.”

The Irish manager stressed again that Celtic, who are 13-points clear at the top, should be the worthy winners if the league is to end today.

“Certainly, if you are talking about the Armageddon of the league being cancelled or stopped, it should go on the average points total which would make us clear champions and rightly so.

“We are over 30 games into the season, they are not going to take that away from us.”

While from a sporting point of view, the statement might seem logical to some extent, however, considering the current environment of fear and concern in the public regarding the pandemic, this certainly was not the way or the time to express such views.

Interestingly, Liverpool manager Klopp issued a message on the same day striking a completely different chord than Lennon –

Liverpool last league title win came in the 1989-90 season, while Celtic were eyeing their 9th consecutive league title.

The words from the Celtic boss has provoked a strong reaction not just from the Rangers fans but from supporters of other Premiership clubs as well.

Many found Lennon’s comment lacked class while Klopp’s words struck home. Check out the reaction (be advised for the usage of strong words) below –

As football fans, none of us would be able to easily digest the fact that our favourite teams’ work and effort put into the season might go down in vain.

However, the current requirement for society is to stop the spread of the deadly virus. After all the health of the players and the fans is important if football, as we know, is to continue in future.

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Footage of a steward soaking in the atmosphere inside Ibrox goes viral after Rangers v Braga

Scottish Premier League club Rangers truly seem to be on a roll this season.

Apart from the top flight points table, where they currently trail leaders and bitter rivals Celtic by ten points with a game in hand, the Steven Gerrard led team has been solid in all of the various competitions it has participated in this season.

Today, however, it is just one victory in particular that will most certainly be playing in their minds. This would be the incredible comeback win that Rangers just somehow managed to snatch from Portuguese outfit Braga in a round of sixteen Europa League match last Thursday.

Playing at home in Glasgow, Rangers got off to the worst possible start, falling behind to Brazilian Fransergio’s goal in the eleventh minute of the game. After an otherwise dull first half, their miseries were compounded when Barcelona youth export Abel Ruiz made it 2-0 for the away side just before the hour mark.

What followed next, however, simply took away the fans’ breath away as Rangers launched a scintillating comeback.

Having been absent for large parts of the match, their attack burst into life at the most opportune moment, capitalizing on a tired Braga defence.

Winger Ianis Hagi, son of Romanian legend Gheorghe Hagi, was the first to strike, his goal bringing back some hope for the Rangers faithful. Eight minutes after that, substitute Joseph Aribo’s wonderful strike restored parity.

It was another strike, eight minutes from full time, from budding star Hagi that finally landed a death blow on Braga’s hopes of snatching an away victory from the fixture, and the Bears capped off an improbable win of epic proportions.

As expected, the packed stands at Ibrox stadium, completely taken aback and delighted by the turnaround, simply went bonkers when the final whistle sounded. They raucously sang chants praising the players and their voices filled the air and brought about a goosebumps-inducing atmosphere in the arena.

The experience was so greatly inspiring, in fact, that one of the stewards was completely overawed by the fans’ tremendously synchronized display.

He was seen looking around the stadium, breath clearly taken away by the thunderous chanting and clapping that he was witnessing.

If that monumental moment wasn’t enough to make him a Rangers fan (if he wasn’t already), then perhaps nothing will be.

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Brutal from Celtic fans as they sing x-rated anti-Steven Gerrard chant during Aberdeen win

Steven Gerrard is, without a doubt, one of the greatest players of his generation. He is an automatic lock on the list of Liverpool legends, and is still regarded as one of the greatest captains of all time.

Stevie G, as he is fondly known among the Anfield faithful, had a career at the club that was undeniably spectacular and glittered with success.

Indeed, millions dream of single-handedly leading their team to Champions League glory the way he did against AC Milan back in 2005. Or maybe they aspire to be the sort of player he was when his incredible brace won the game for Liverpool in what is considered one of the greatest FA Cup finals against West Ham back in 2006.

Either way, the man was a conqueror. Everything he touched turned to gold, with one painful exception: the Premier League trophy.

Indeed, throughout his seventeen years at the club, Gerrard failed to lift the league trophy even once, having come second four times.

What he’ll remember, however, is the horror 2013-14 season, were the Reds were in the driving seat throughout the campaign, only to have a shock loss at home to Chelsea, helping Manchester City get to the league title.

More humiliating for Gerrard was that it was a ridiculous slip up, literally, from him that allowed the Blues to win, as the Merseyside club kept waiting for a PL cup to adorn their trophy shelf.

Now, having hung up his boots, Stevie G has had an excellent beginning to his managerial career, coaching Scottish club Rangers with care and shepherding them to second place in their league.

While they are ten points adrift of toppers Celtic, the long-standing rivalry is still very much alive, and reared its head again yesterday.

The incident occurred as Celtic cruised to a regulation 2-1 victory over third placed Aberdeen. Deep into injury time, once the result was confirmed as an absolute certainty, Celtic fans started belting a humorous tune, going along the lines of “have you ever seen Gerrard win the league, have you f**k”, clearly referencing both Gerrard’s failures with Liverpool as well as this year’s title race in the Scottish Premier League. Pure sh*thousery.

The tune was taken up by large sections of the fans and was turned into a rousing cry. It is almost certain to play on the minds of the Rangers faithful, if not Gerrard himself.

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Daily Record admin maligns Celtic legend while showing clear bias towards Rangers on Facebook

While managing football accounts it’s imperative that admins remain neutral and do not let their personal allegiances cloud the integrity of their work.

But one of admins of the Daily Record’s Facebook page clearly couldn’t keep their emotions out of the way while posting a story featuring Celtic legend Gary Caldwell’s recent comments about Gers captain James Tavernier.

The team handling the social media wing of the Scottish tabloid has been facing the wrath of Hoops fans after an admin made a personal comment mocking the Hoops legend while using the official account of Daily Record.

The incident came in the aftermath of Celtics’ 1-0 win over the Gers in the Scottish League Cup final after Caldwell called out the current Rangers captain, who he had managed at Wigan Athletic, for his lack of leadership qualities during an interview with BBC.

The clearly biased comment on Facebook has led Hoops fans to question the integrity of the team handling Daily Record’s Facebook page and many on Twitter have called for action to be taken against those responsible.

Absolute lapse from the admins! Check out the comment from Daily Record admin here:



Rangers boss Steven Gerrard looking the part – Fans reckon “levels” above his Celtic counterpart

Rangers fans just can’t stop rubbing the handsomeness of their manger on their Celtic counterparts

Footballing rivalries are no joke. Greater the rivalry greater the banter amongst fans.

Fans leave absolutely no stone unturned when it comes to putting down their rivals.

The Celtic-Rangers rivalry – referred as the “Old Firm” – is one of the biggest in modern football.

The 2 Scottish giants often compete against the other on various fronts and it seems Rangers fans have taken the charge this time with hilarious comparisons between the managers of the two sides. Check out the tweets below –

Steven Gerrard was appointed as the new Rangers boss last season. The Liverpool legend is quite the fashionista and even launched his own fashion label SGG Apparel in November last year.

So it’s no surprise that his dressing sense seems to be often on point and definitely camera/paparazzi ready.

For example, he and his staff looked quite dapper in the Rangers tour of Portugal (Twitter).

On the other hand, while Neil Lennon might’ve won several titles with Celtic his dressing sense is well, a little old fashioned.



Beware – The Daniel Sturridge tweet fooling the Rangers fans online

In a very amusing tweet that popped up on social media, a fascinating, creative video fooled fans into believing that the former Liverpool striker would join Rangers Fc .

Rangers FC

Rangers FC plays in the Scottish Premiership. Based in Glasgow, Scotland, Rangers are currently managed by Steven Gerrard.

Rangers are a popular club with a rich history behind it. They are Scotland’s most successful club with the most number of trophies in the history of Scottish Football. They are the most successful club in the world in terms of number of domestic titles won.

Rangers came 2nd in the Scottish Premiership last season. Under Steven Gerrard’s able guidance, they also played in the Europa League last season.

They enjoy a sizeable and loyal fan following .

Sturridge: out of Anfield, but to where?

Latest news from the Reds confirm that Sturridge has been allowed to leave on a free transfer after his contract ended this summer.

Fresh off a UCL victory, Liverpool are looking to dominate once again. Jurgen Klopp has been tasked to build a solid squad that could make them repeat their good performances in all competitions.

Sturridge’s susceptibility to injury and relatively slow pace might not match Klopp’s vision. However he still remains one of England’s best strikers and is a natural finisher.

He has been linked to a move to Arsenal lately. Many clubs are interested to sign the 29 year old until this explosive tweet dropped on the internet and had fans all around the world amused and surprised.

Rangers’ troll patrol

An unofficial account masquerading as the official Rangers Twitter posted a video welcoming Daniel Sturridge to the Scottish Premiership. This raised many an eyebrow, as there was no official dialogue from either the clubs or the player.

However , fans were quick to spot the prank. Some joined in on the fun. They speculated his impact on arrival. Some lauded Stevie G for his influence. Most fans shared how they fell for the post. One user said that it was a really great effort. The post seemed to have tricked many people and given many false hopes .

Most fans shared how they fell for the post. One user said that it was a really great effort. The post seemed to have tricked many people and given many false hopes .

Check out the said tweet below –
The post comes in a complete package with a misleading ‘read more’ link that doesn’t get you anywhere

Rangers youngsters pull off brilliant free-kick routine in Youth Cup final win over Celtic

It’s probably the most eye-catching way to score a goal. The direct free-kick. Over the wall, under the wall, around the wall, curled in, in off a deflection or blasted into the goal, each of these ways of converting a free-kick is beautiful on its own and never ceases to grip the fans and players.

Designed to catch the opposition off guard, free-kick routines are a practice that teams work on extensively during training sessions.

It is a tool can comes in handy as a surprise advantage when a free-kick is given. With the plan set for the team given the set-piece and the players in position, it is something that the opposition would least expect. If executed to perfection, it would result in a goal that is talked about for ages. If not, the team attempting it would end up humiliating themselves. It’s very much a Jekyll and Hyde scenario.

One such clever free-kick routine that was attempted recently comes from Scotland, in the Youth Cup final contested between Rangers and Celtic’s youth teams.

The routine came in the sixth minute of the game, with Rangers already having a 1-0 lead. At the referee’s whistle, a Rangers player shaped to cross the ball into the box but stuttered and stopped, causing the defensive line of Celtic to drop and catching everyone off-guard. Another player making a decoy run then crossed the ball in, the subsequent header down was smashed in by Dapo Mebude as Rangers wheeled away into a 2-0 lead.

The routine was praised by fans and it left the Rangers players ecstatic, at the expense of some dumbfounded and bewildered Celtic players. The end result was rewarding for Rangers, who were being watched by Rangers first team manager Steven Gerrard and Celtic manager Neil Lennon, as the game ended 3-2 in their favor.

It was a clever move that Rangers employed to get their second goal of the game, one that will be talked about for ages and one which will keep rivals on their toes.


Rangers tweet mourning death of Celtic legend Billy McNeill shows football has no boundaries

Football is packed with rivalries. And the nature of these can be varied – ranging from local derbies to the shared history between clubs or even, just a competitiveness to be the best. The existence of such rivalries makes football that much more entertaining to watch and experience. There is beauty in the fact that for every rivalry contested, there is a victor, gaining something more than the vanquished; regardless of the circumstances or the result.

The greatest rivalry ever in Scottish football has to be, Celtic versus Rangers. It also makes a case for being the most fiercely contested rivalry in Scotland, if not, the world. The Old Firm derby never ceases to entertain, and is fueled by the history Rangers and Celtic share, paired with the disgust that both sets of fans have towards each other.

But sometimes, even this shared hatred crumbles over greater concerns. One must understand that regardless of the dynamics between clubs, there are some issues that take precedence. How the clubs react to such situations show the world that football is more than just a game; it is greater than that and that it has no boundaries. Divided by clubs, but united by the beautiful game.

It became known to the footballing world that Celtic legend Billy McNeill, who was battling dementia since 2017, passed away on April 22, 2019, aged 79. It was a sad day for Celtic and the the footballing community, as one of the greats departed this world. Rangers FC, showed a touch of class by paying their respects towards the legend in a post on Twitter and also had an article on McNeill written on their official website. Kudos to Rangers for this mark of respect!

This gesture really is a class act from Rangers, and was duly appreciated by both sets of fans. It drives home the fact that despite all their differences on the pitch and the history and the rivalry, football unites the world in times like this.

It shows that football has no boundaries, and when sentiments are touched, the football community acts as a family to help those affected get through tough times.


Cameras caught Stevie G refusing to make eye contact with Neil Lennon after the Old Firm derby

Defeat is a bitter pill to swallow. In a game of football, nobody wants to end up on the losing side. Right from a  young age, aspiring footballers are trained to win; that winning mentality is instilled in them. So when one team wins, the other must accept the harsh reality of defeat.

Accepting this can be hard, especially when you lose to your arch rivals. Why? Because it’s a matter of pride, a matter of bragging rights, and last but not the least: not hearing the end of it from rival fans. All these together result in a “living hell” for the losing team.

Celtic Park, March 31, 2019. The final whistle has just been blown and Celtic are 2-1 victors over Rangers, in the latest installment of the Old Firm derby.

The game lived up to its expectations: goals, cards and controversy. It was nothing short of dramatic. The post-match scenes seemed to go out of control, with both sets of players involved in a brawl and Rangers’ Halliday seeing red.

Another incident that may have flown under the radar, given the chaos that spread between the players after the full-time whistle, is one involving the managers of both clubs.

At the full-time whistle, there is brief moment between Rangers manager Steven Gerrard and Celtic boss Neil Lennon, caught on television coverage. The clip shows Gerrard, who appears to refuse making eye contact with Lennon as the two shake hands in post-match formalities.

In a gesture that has infuriated Celtic fans, Gerrard’s refusal to make any eye-contact can only be viewed as disrespectful by Celtic fans. Some fans dubbed him as “a sore loser”. Since this incident, the Rangers boss has accepted a one-match touchline ban for comments made to the referee in the aftermath of the loss.

Everyone knows that accepting defeat is difficult, especially in a fixture like the Glasgow derby. Nobody likes losing, the same way nobody likes a sore loser. Gerrard seemed to have acted inappropriately and against the true spirit of the game. Was Gerrard right in the way he acted following his side’s defeat?


(Image) Proof that Kieran Tierney really joined the live stream when Rangers went 2-0 down v Aberdeen

As Steven Gerrard’s men hosted the Dons in the Scottish Cup quarter-final replay, Ibrox was brimming with spectators. Some carrying crossed fingers and some carrying their lucky charms. One spectator, albeit virtual, caught everyone by surprise, though.

Celtic’s flying left-back, Kieran Tierney was caught watching the Rangers go 2-0 down to Aberdeen in a live stream.

Here’s the proof –

Image via Twitter/@mcnxlly_

The 21-year-old left-back has been attracting a lot of attention since last summer on the back of an impressive season with the Hoops. The Scottish prodigy attracted even more attention as he tuned in to the live stream of the quarter-final replay between Rangers and Aberdeen.

Celtic supporters took to Twitter, licking their lips in light of KT joining the live stream, with some supporters even going so far as to brand it an act of class.

Perhaps Mr. Tierney was tuning in to have a cheeky look at Celtic’s opponents in the semi-finals. No prizes for guessing whom they face in the next round of the Scottish Cup. Interestingly, Celtic also host Rangers after a trip to Dundee FC.

The Scottish Cup was Rangers’ best chance of silverware this season, with Celtic having opened up a comfortable gap at the top of the table in the SPFL, effectively ending their hopes of the title.

Aberdeen’s victory over the Gers not only meant that the win extended Steven Gerrard’s wait for a taste of silverware, but it also meant that Celtic now face Aberdeen in the semi-finals of the Scottish Cup, which further elucidates the impression that the Scot was on a wee little scouting mission.


What Alfredo Morelos did after Joe Worrall’s goal for Rangers vs Aberdeen

Rangers survived an early scare and came back from behind to hold Aberdeen 1-1 in the Scottish Cup Quarterfinals at the Pittodrie stadium.

The Gers went behind in as early as 11 minutes as Sam Cosgrove made no mistake from the spot after Connor Goldson took out Gary Mackay-Steven inside the penalty box.

Aberdeen, who have won only once in their last seven ties at home, looked all set to deny Steven Gerrard the chance to lift his first trophy as a senior team manager.

The Dons continued to create more and more opportunities in the first-half and Rangers could have been out of the tournament had they been a little bit more clinical in front of the goal.

During the break, Gerrard was expected to deliver a rousing team talk to the lift the spirits of his players and he seemed to have done exactly that as his side started the half in a completely different gear.

And they were rewarded in as early as the fourth minute of the second half through Joe Worrall.

Liverpool loanee Ryan Kent put in a deep cross from the corner spot and Worrall found himself completely unmarked in the far post thanks to some sloppy defending by the Dons.

The 22-year old made no mistake and took full advantage of it by slotting it home and gave his side the much-needed equaliser.

The Rangers players erupted with joy and started celebrating and after the full-time whistle the scorer Joe Worrall took it to Twitter to share the flare of emotions at that moment.

And it did not take some of the eagle-eyed Rangers fans to point out how their talismanic striker Alfredo Morelos celebrated the much-awaited equaliser.

In the viral video, the Colombian appeared to in complete ecstasy as he flung his hand in the air several times and shouted in excitement towards the away crowd.The Rangers fans are absolutely loving the passion that the Colombian displayed and amidst the huge number of transfer rumours that are linking the prolific striker to clubs Like Dortmund and Leicester City, this moment clearly defines where his heart is, at least for this season.