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Rangers Podcast Claims Cho Gue-Sung Won’t Sign For Celtic Due To Korean/Chinese Conflict

Rangers Podcast Claims Cho Gue-Sung Won’t Sign For Celtic Due To Korean/Chinese Conflict

The heat of the winter transfer window is slowly gripping the biggies of the Scottish Premiership.

The two arch-rivals Celtic and Rangers FC are in the market to bolster their squad and fight to the end for the biggest prize in the arena of Scottish football.

For now, the gap between the two sides stands at nine points, but with the Scottish league going well into April, the tides could turn in anyone’s favour.

Lately, Celtic has been linked with the South Korean forward Cho Gue-Sung, whose impeccable performance at the recently concluded FIFA World Cup has earned him a few proposals from Europe.

The Hoops have an impressive roster of Japanese players with Kyogo Furuhashi and Daizen Maeda leading the line for them. The addition of Cho will only give more bragging rights to Celtic and allow them to improve their chances of winning the league in Scotland.

But there’s a catch. 

Celtic’s arch nemesis, Rangers, are standing watch. They are now closely monitoring Celtic’s deal with Cho and are interested in securing the services of the South Korean international before Celtic does. 

Rangers now look to hijack Celtic’s deal and are focussed to bring Cho to the Ibrox Stadium. Since the news of Rangers’ interest in the 24-year-old winger, the loyal supporters of the club hope that their club might just edge Celtic to South Korea’s signature.

But unfortunately, their reasoning behind this speculation is absurd and devoid of all logic.

The Rangers Rabble, a one-stop shop and discussion channel on YouTube that discusses the affairs of its club, had a few guests who were actively conversing about Cho’s future at Ibrox Stadium.  

During this podcast, one guest made a bizarre comment. His opinion was simply that Cho will snub Celtic and head to Rangers because the Koreans do not get along well with the Chinese. 

What he wanted to say was that the Koreans did not get along well with the ‘Japanese.’

He misspoke. He couldn’t tell the difference between the Chinese and the Japanese and completely forgot that the Celtic has many Japanese players in the squad.

His lack of knowledge about Celtic and its squad was exposed, inviting a lot of jokes and leg-pulling from the netizens.

The guest then offered an apology, clarifying that he indeed meant ‘Japanese’ but got confused. However, it was already too late, and the netizens were on him like a swarm of flies. 

Cho’s fate still hangs by a thread. Only time will tell whether the Hoops had enough pull to bring him to Celtic Park or if the bizarre reasoning of one loyal Rangers fan gets him to Ibrox.