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Your Defence Is In Trouble: The New Eddie Nketiah Chant Taking Over Arsenal Twitter

Your Defence Is In Trouble: The New Eddie Nketiah Chant Taking Over Arsenal Twitter

In the Premier League, the top tier of English professional football, fans have come up with a wide range of creative and memorable football chants to sing during matches.

These chants serve a variety of purposes, from rallying the team to victory and taunting the opposition, to simply having a good time with fellow supporters. 

“1-0 to the Arsenal” is among the most popular Arsenal Football Club chants. This song was heavily performed by Arsenal fans under manager George Graham. The chant expresses confidence that the side will go on to win the game with a one-goal lead.

There are also player-specific chants, such as “He’s our captain, our leader, our, our Thierry Henry,” a popular chant for the legendary striker.

These chants are not confined to stadiums; on matchday, they may be heard at pubs, clubs, streets, and even houses.

Talking about houses, a new and incredibly catchy chant is now being developed for Eddie Nketiah, Arsenal’s up-and-coming striker.

This tune came about late last year when Nketiah scored the third goal against West Ham and helped win them a crucial game as Jesus was out injured.

Twitter user and long-time Arsenal fan @babablueh is credited for coming up with this chant, and he has taken the rhythm from a Nigerian song. The lyrics are “Your defence is in trouble, Nketiah in the room”.

Catchy is one word for it. Listen for yourself.

The chant had since died down a little as Nketiah got little playtime, but as his playtime is going up owing to the injury of Gabriel Jesus, the chant is finding resurgence.

With two goals in a tight game against underdog opponents Oxford United, Nketiah is bringing the spotlight on himself.

The chant is being used more than ever, and if his hot form continues, expect to hear this sung at the Emirates soon.

This chant is just one of the new many that are being created for Arsenal’s young stars that are leading the once-glorious club to new silverware. Another is the one for Bukayo Saka sung by famous internet personality Chunkz. 

Lucky for Arsenal, these chants are taking off in all the right ways. We know this is not always the case, as was seen in the Darwin Nunez chant that a Liverpool fan tried to create. The reaction that chant got from social media was incredible, and that chant never saw the light of day again.

End of the day, chants produce an energetic and enthusiastic mood in the stadium, which raises the morale of the home side, especially the player for whom the chant is written.

A player who feels backed by his or her supporters is more likely to perform confidently and determinedly. And with confidence comes goals.