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Meet Pete Boc, The TikToker Behind Notorious ‘Darwin Darwin Nunez’ Chant

Meet Pete Boc, The TikToker Behind Notorious ‘Darwin Darwin Nunez’ Chant

If you’re an avid follower of English heavyweights Liverpool and a frequent visitor of the hooligan-infested subsection they refer to as ‘Football Twitter’, you’ve likely come across a strange fella singing makeshift chants at the top of his voice. 

This LFC fan started off by uploading his self-created chants on TikTok, and gradually earned himself a slice of internet fame.

Centered around his beloved Liverpool, these small chants borrow riffs and rhythms from some of pop music’s biggest hits, alongside altered lyrics of course. And the final product is sloppy, to say the least.

The vocals are barely on cue, the pitch is flying all over and the lyrics are usually very cringe.

However, it’s all made in good fun and the substandard singing still manages to have a bit of earnestness about it. 

If you’re wondering about the brains behind the operation, that man is Pete Boc. 

Boasting over 100k followers on TikTok he has been on a steady rise.

A big chunk of that popularity is due to chants created for one LFC player, in particular, Darwin Nunez

The lyrics go – ‘Darwin Darwin Nunez
He came from Benfica to the big Reds
It’s frightening with him and Luis Diaz
There’s nobody else like Darwin Nunez’

The summer arrival from Benfica became a popular topic of conversation following his move to Liverpool.

Boc arrived on the scene soon after with an earworm of a chant (literally), which was centred around the striker.

It took off massively, and despite many not liking it, the clip earned millions of views.

Recently, it even found its way to Virgil van Dijk, who reacted to the chant on an episode of Pitch Side. 

After taking in the clip, the Dutchman responded with ‘Is it serious or?.’
He did laud the support and adoration on display, which frankly is the entire point. 

The popularity garnered by the Nunez chant was immense, and as a result, Boc began centring all his songs around the Uruguayan.

From ‘27 reasons ‘ to ‘Merry Xmas Everybody’, and even an odd James Bond-themed skit, the TikTok creator has nudged in a Nunez spin on basically everything.

While for him it’s all done in good spirits, certain fans online simply miss the point and resort to sending personal insults and abuse. 

This, of course, is far from acceptable, and Boc even spoke about it recently. 

Showing plenty of self-awareness, he made sure to let everyone know that the chants aren’t serious and that they aren’t going to reach the Terraces’ at Anfield. 

He also added that no amount of hate is going to stop him from following his passion

Honestly, that’s a notion any fellow supporter should be able to get behind, and the naysayers need to realize that it is really not that deep.