Man Utd Fans Use Georgina Rodriguez’s Insta Photo To Smear Cristiano Ronaldo

In a fresh excerpt of Cristiano Ronaldo’s interview with Piers Morgan, the Portuguese star said that the management at Manchester United did not believe him when he informed them that due to his daughter’s illness, he will not be able to join the Red Devils for pre-season fixtures. 

Now, the football giant has faced immense backlash and criticism for his interview with Piers Morgan.

Many fans are calling the 37-year-old a traitor to the club, among many other things.

But some fans have crossed a line to simply subject Ronaldo to criticism and maybe, seek revenge for his comments about the club. 

In a fresh incident, a fan has Tweeted that the Portuguese lied about his daughter’s illness, based on a post by his girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, on the 20th of July 2022, and that he only lied about it in the interview to “get back” at United’s management.

Essentially, the fan implied that Ronaldo’s daughter was never ill, to begin with, and attempted to use Georgina’s post at a concert to substantiate his claim.

The ethical side of Twitter, thankfully, did not relent in slamming rogue fans for using his girlfriend’s Instagram images to smear the Portuguese star. 

The primary question raised was how it was possible for Georgina to post the image of herself at the concert if her daughter was ill with bronchitis around the same time as Ronaldo claimed.

Many fans, defending the star, pointed out that Georgina did take a break from Instagram after her post on the 28th of June 2022 for roughly 2 weeks.

And, as we already know, Ronaldo’s absence from United pre-season training also started around this time.

Considering all of these facts, it is very probable that Ronaldo was and is telling the truth about the reason he had to miss the pre-season fixtures. 

At the time, even United had issued a statement saying that Ronaldo would be unable to join the team due to family issues.

It is worth noting that just before the pre-season matches, there were rumours about the Portuguese wanting to exit his contract with the Red Devils.

Some fans are suspicious of the timing of the exit rumours and the Portuguese striker’s leave of absence from the club’s pre-season tour.

But all the evidence at hand clearly points to the fact that Ronaldo only missed the pre-season games because of genuine concern for his daughter’s health. 

The fan attempting to rebuff Ronaldo’s claims, in the present case, neglects these facts and only attempts to point out that if Ronaldo’s daughter was, in fact, severely ill, then it would be impossible for Georgina to attend a concert on the 20th of July 2022.

If anything, fans should have treated Ronaldo’s daughter’s health with a heightened sensitivity given that the footballer’s girlfriend had given birth to twins, of which, the boy did not survive. 

However, the present fiasco only goes to show, yet again, the duality of football fans across the globe. And while the controversy surrounding Cristiano Ronaldo is peaking at present, bringing his family under the radar is unfair at the least.