Notorious CR7 fan Piers Morgan takes out Lionel Messi with a one-word tweet post Bayern loss

Piers Morgan called out Lionel Messi in a tweet after Barcelona were thrashed by Bayern Munich in their UEFA Champions League quarter-final clash in Portugal.

The Good Morning Britain presenter who is notoriously known to be a Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7) supporter, posted a picture of a defeated Messi with the caption that read “Overrated”.

The tweet by Morgan received a series of comments by fans, claiming that it was harsh of the Englishman to criticise Messi alone and not the team as a whole for their brutal failure on the pitch.

The comment section of the Twitter post really showed that Leo Messi has huge amounts of respect from fans of different clubs and even from supporters of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Piers Morgan, who is also a supporter of Arsenal, is well known for his controversial tweets related to celebrities, football and politics.

He was recently involved in a Twitter row with legendary English striker and BT Sports host Gary Lineker when Morgan claimed Ronaldo to be the ‘Greatest Of All Time’ and disregarded Messi.

The feud went on and eventually ended with Lineker posting a screen-shot of an old Morgan tweet reading: “Messi’s the greatest footballer ever, and Ronaldo’s the second best. Any further debate is superfluous – I have spoken.”

Check out the tweet Piers Morgan made after Bayern’s 8-2 win against Barcelona below –