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Aubameyang shows max respect for Arsenal with classy response to Piers Morgan

Aubameyang shows max respect for Arsenal with classy response to Piers Morgan

After a dominating performance by Barcelona in its recent match against Osasuna, a familiar face was heard in the Twitterverse lamenting a loss in midst of all the praises and comments.

Piers Morgan, media mogul and one of the most vocal Arsenal fans, has launched another sly dig at Arsenal and the fans lamenting the departure of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Considered to be one of the most influential men in England, Piers called out the Gunners fans for discrediting Aubameyang and claiming that they’re better off without him, while he has been in a prolific scoring run in the Catalan club.

His love for the Gabonese international is well known, as he stood as a lone figure defending Aubameyang against the friction between him and Arteta, following up to his free transfer.

However, Aubameyang replied to his tweet; shutting off any further debacle by stating that everyone has benefited and is happy from this separation and the good times both the parties had will never be forgotten. This was acknowledged by Piers, putting an end to further follow-ups.

Considering what evolved after his departure, he is right by stating so as Barcelona has been in a positive run of form and Arsenal stands in contention for the Champions League spot after a brilliant run of play.

Even economically, both the clubs benefit from this transfer. Pundits and fans have defended the decision by the club to let Aubameyang join Barcelona for free since it would have freed the club 25 million pounds worth of wages left in his 18-month contract. Barcelona, in dire need of a proven goalscorer, got what they needed.

Piers, being who he is, never turns away from blaming Arsenal and Arteta for this mistake, but this time Aubameyang stood up and shut him off before the chaos erupts any further. Since both parties are happy, it’s a win-win for everyone and there’s no need to drag this saga any further.