The Twitter storm after Gary Lineker responds to Piers Morgan’s attack on David Beckham

Piers Morgan has always been known for his unpopular opinions being dished out as ‘news’ during numerous occasions of his media career.

The TV presenter was back with more of his controversial opinions during Sunday’s Super Bowl with an unnecessary attack on Man United legend David Beckham.

Morgan tweeted an image of NFL side Los Angeles Rams’ wide-receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and referred to him as the ‘Beckham who can actually play football.’

Former England forward and also a TV personality, Gary Lineker was quick to call out Morgan’s bizarre slander and came to the defence of the England star.

Lineker’s response had no effect on Morgan who went on to label Beckham as the most overrated player in the history of football.

Morgan, an Arsenal supporter also stated that the Englishman would not even have made the bench in the famous Invincibles team of his dear club.

This kicked off a series of tweets from the two men now completely engaged in a clash of opinions.

Lineker’s assessment of the journalist basing these tweets purely out of his personal dislike for Beckham is spot on. None of the grounds under which Morgan has labelled the player as overrated make sense and only a few of them are even football related reasons.

The random reactionary statements from Morgan seem to be his own rather poor attempt at being ‘fame-hungry’, trying to grab the spotlight in the midst of an ongoing major sporting event.

Thanks to Gary Lineker and the footballing world, the tweets have been rightly exposed for what it truly is; a #badfootballopinion.