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Celebration Police Wolves continue beef but Arsenal have last laugh

Celebration Police Wolves continue beef but Arsenal have last laugh

A new top half rivalry seems to be brewing with Arsenal and Wolves locking horns on and off the pitch in their respective quests to qualify for Europe.

The two clubs sit 6th and 7th in the Premier League table with Arsenal holding a 2-point lead with a game in hand.

It all began on Friday when Wolves players criticized the Gunners for celebrating a narrow 1-0 win against them after going down to 10 men.

Midfielder Ruben Neves was the most vocal who accused Arsenal ‘of celebrating as if they had won the league’, targeting a possible drop in standards at the North London club.

Eager to get back to winning ways, Wolves managed to beat Spurs away in a dominant 2-0 win.

Having closed the gap with Arsenal to 2 points, the Wolves admin took to Twitter with footage of the Wolves fans celebrating with a cheeky caption aimed at Arsenal.

The tweet was clearly intended as a dig at the Arsenal celebrations and was an attempt to show the north London club how to ‘celebrate the right way’.

However, if mockery was the purpose behind the intimation, then it has backfired completely. Arsenal fans are actually rejoicing at the reactionary tweet and are accusing the club of showcasing its childish mentality.

In retrospect, it might not have been the best of moments to roll this tweet out as Wolves had only just beaten the Gunners’ cross-town rivals and in doing so handed them an advantage over Spurs in the race for Europe.   

Surely, this is not the end of this domestic beef between the two clubs but Arsenal seem to have won this round.