Watch: Brentford fans belittle Arsenal – ‘You’re just a sh*t Tottenham Hotspur’

As good as the players were on the pitch, Brentford fans made sure to leave their mark as well as the Bees stung Arsenal 2-0 in the Premier League season-opener on Friday.

The newly-promoted side played the Gunners out of the park as they went on to score their first two Premier League goals ever, in a game that marked their return to top-flight in 74 years.

As the players humiliated their opponents on the night, the fans weren’t too behind as they mocked Arsenal with an insulting chant in the first half of the game.

Brentford were winning the game 1-0 at this point as the home crowd decided to indulge in some savage banter as they used Arsenal’s rivalry with Tottenham Hotspur to rub salt in their wounds.

Brentford fans were caught singing “you’re just a sh*t Tottenham Hotspur” on the Premier League live feed.

That is quite an insult if you were an Arsenal player considering Spurs aren’t even that good themselves. Being called a sh*t version of this Spurs side, now that’s truly humiliating.