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You’ll Have Riots On Your Hands: Wolves fans unveil cheesy Ruben Neves chant

You’ll Have Riots On Your Hands: Wolves fans unveil cheesy Ruben Neves chant

Wolves midfielder Ruben Neves has been a stalwart presence at the club ever since his arrival back in 2017.

He emerged as a crucial player under former manager Nuno Espirito Dos Santos and hasn’t looked back since. A fan favourite, his performances have put him on the wishlist of many top clubs.

Manchester United have been heavily linked with the Portugal international and going by reports, the midfielder is looking to move on. 

Heading into the final year of his contract, Wolves would be tempted to sell him for a fair price, however, the fans are firmly against the thought. 

The Dingles have expressed their opinion on the matter plenty of times, and have even devised a chant around the situation.

Unfortunately, their efforts have led to a contender for the ‘worst chant of the season’, rivalling a number created for Jurgen Klopp sang to the tune of ‘I Feel Fine’, and also an embarrassing chant for Erik Ten Hag by overly enthused United fans. 

By simply dubbing over a pre-existing chant, Wolves fans have managed to make it even worse, the lyrics are – 

“Don’t sell Neves,  Who? Ruben Neves.  I just don’t think you understand..  If you sell Neves, Ruben Neves.  You’ll have riots on your hands”

Aside from being extremely derivative, the chant simply doesn’t have the ebb and flow a footy chant is supposed to have, which makes it all the more lacklustre. 

Neves was spotted teary-eyed after the game against Norwich at the Molineux, which was perceived by fans as a hint of his potential departure.

With Arsenal, Man United, and Barcelona all reportedly interested, the Portuguese’s future destination is anybody’s guess.