Concept kits show why Trivago should front Chelsea kits instead of Three

A paradigm shift is all set to be put in effect at Chelsea FC, as the Blues have now fallen into the hands of American ownership, after nearly 2 decades with Roman Abramovich. 

With impending departures of senior players, plans for stadium redevelopment and a focus on youth, Chelsea are about to go through a rebuild, and a change in ownership seems like a landmark in the process.

There are plenty of matters for Todd Boehly and co to resolve. 

However, one resolution fans impatiently await centres around the sponsorship situation. 

Back when Chelsea were getting sanctioned left and right, shirt sponsor Three UK decided to disassociate itself from the club, drawing the ire of the Blues faithful. 

And ever since then, the fans resemble an irate horde and have even acted against the company.

The annoyance gained a massive boost recently, as gorgeous kit concepts popped up online without Three UK sitting in the centre. 

Instead of the telecommunications company, these concepts feature training wear sponsor Trivago, who’s become a fan favourite as they simply stuck by the club through the troubles. 

Fans have clamoured for Trivago to be the primary sponsor ever since, and these kits have only increased the sentiment.

The first batch comes from creator @Morgandesign, and these 4 concepts reimagine the home kit while retaining the traditional blue. Aside from the distinct designs, even the collars are varied.

Concepts for away and third kits were provided by creator @tomedits, inspired from past designs, these remakes add modern touches while remaining faithful to their predecessors. 

With plenty of vibrance and variety on display, fans loved the kits and were also convinced with the general idea of Trivago as the main sponsor. 

While it’s highly unlikely that their demands come to fruition, one thing is for certain. Fans want Three UK gone.