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Todd Boehly kicks off Chelsea reign by removing sponsors Three

Todd Boehly kicks off Chelsea reign by removing sponsors Three

The uncertainty surrounding Chelsea FC‘s ownership and future has finally concluded, as the club officially announced a takeover by a consortium led by Clearlake Captial and Todd Boehly. 

And so, a new era officially commenced for the Blues, bringing an end to the massively successful Roman Abramovich era. 

One of the first items atop the new owner’s list has to be regarding the current sponsorship situation. 

When the club were hit by sanctions, shirt sponsor Three UK publicly announced that they were ‘temporarily suspending’ the sponsorship, and even asked for their logo to be removed from the shirt. 

While that wasn’t possible, the club did remove other marketing materials. The telecom company’s actions led to plenty of backlash from fans, who almost immediately tanked its ratings on Trustpilot

And ever since, the relationship remains sour, with plenty of calls for the sponsorship to be cancelled. Well, it appears that the fans may finally get their wish.

After the takeover was successfully completed, a series of updates followed on Chelsea’s official website, such as the re-opening of the megastore. 

One such update brought about a change to the official list of sponsors. While the others are still present, there’s no visible trace of Three UK, a strong hint that perhaps its termination is imminent. Whether that may be true or not, fans were already on board and celebrated the discovery. 

And it didn’t take long for their joy to turn into demands for Trivago to take up the mantle.

The online travel company earned plenty of goodwill amongst the Blue Faithful as it simply stuck by during all the uncertainties. 

Their Twitter account at times acts as a cheerleader for the Blues, increasing their popularity even further. 

Concept kits with their logo at the centre have become fan favourites, who are already settled on the idea of Trivago being the shirt sponsor.