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The Problem With Chelsea Fans Parading Tifos of Todd Boehly

The Problem With Chelsea Fans Parading Tifos of Todd Boehly

By this point, you’ve probably heard all about the box office-grade entertainment that ensued between Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur at Stamford Bridge yesterday.

Tiffs on the touchline, controversial calls, Owen Wilson in the stands, the game had it all. 

But no blockbuster can take shape without rousing support from the fans, and we’re pleased to report that both factions were simply on the money. 

Those repping the Lilywhite are known to be noisy and boisterous, and they held up that reputation by outshining the home support at times. 

As for the Blues in attendance, they cheered their side on at every possible opportunity, and both of Chelsea’s goals were met by a classic Stamford Bridge roar, coupled with the sound of fans knocking on The Shed End. 

The Chelsea support even whipped out a couple of tifos before kickoff, and both were seemingly addressed to new owner Todd Boehly, who was in attendance.

The first one of these, displayed all over The Shed, was a playful album cover featuring Boehly, Thomas Tuchel, Mason Mount etc, and it included the message ‘Welcome to the House of Fun, Todd and Co.’ 

The other one, situated directly across from the Matthew Harding, depicted the American Flag drenched in Blue, with the new owner acting as the cover star. 

While Blues fans viewed this as a show of support for the new administration, others online had certain objections. 

Many fans found the display to rather cringe, especially as Boehly hasn’t made much of an impact on the club yet. 

While initial signs under the American have looked positive, celebrating him on a banner is premature, to say the least, a point put forward by most users online.

Banners and displays for individuals are usually reserved for legends or figures of great significance, an unspoken but obvious rule in the game. 

Boehly’s display flies in the face of that notion, and naturally, fans were put off by it. Such a hasty showing could even come back to bite the Blues in the future, especially if Boehly’s reign fails to replicate that of Roman Abramovich.