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Liverpool Fans Duped By Fake Billboard Announcing 22/23 Third Kit Launch

Liverpool Fans Duped By Fake Billboard Announcing 22/23 Third Kit Launch

Liverpool have had a pretty eventful start to the new season. They won the Community Shield after defeating Manchester City. But then they were held by newcomers Fulham in their opening Premier League game.

While the Reds aim to get their groove on the pitch, they have released some classy kits to wear throughout the campaign. Their home kit is a smart design featuring their iconic red colour. Their away kit is a white t-shirt with a ‘dizzying’ design that is inspired by the city’s musical history and the role it played in the 1990s dance music scene.

But Liverpool are yet to unveil their third kit, something which many Premier League clubs have already done. Manchester United even wore their awful lime green third kit in the 4-0 thrashing to Brentford last week.

With the Reds poised to wear the third kit designed by Nike in European games, they’re holding off on its release before the Champions League begins.

However, an image has started doing the rounds on social media claiming to show the 2022/23 season’s third kit. It is of a billboard banner that shows Jordan Henderson and Virgil van Dijk donning the new teal and red jersey.  

Now there are certain signs that showed that this might be completely fake. Firstly, no major brands use billboard banners to advertise their team’s kit before it is even released. Those are launched online – mostly through social media channels – before proper advertising schemes are made to promote them.

Moreover, there is no actual proof of who took this picture of the banner and where it is from. Fortunately, it has been ousted as completely fabricated.

The banner is actually an altered version of the one used to promote one of Liverpool’s kits last season, with this fake third kit being placed on Henderson and Van Dijk instead.

Even Footy Headlines, the website that is responsible for giving first-glimpse leaks for almost every major club, has confirmed that the banner is indeed photo-shopped.

However, they have also confirmed that the third kit is expected to be unveiled by the club on September 6, 2022.