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What’s Bothering Liverpool Fans About 24/25 Third Kit Leak: ‘Nike Ruined It’

What’s Bothering Liverpool Fans About 24/25 Third Kit Leak: ‘Nike Ruined It’

Liverpool have arguably exceeded expectations in positioning themselves strongly into the 2023/24 Premier League title race halfway into the campaign.

The Reds went through a prominent transitional phase during the summer, replacing their entire midfield line and offloading some experienced campaigners.

Despite that, Jurgen Klopp has used his tactical wits to ensure that the new signings are firing on all cylinders and helped improve the overall quality of the squad.

Liverpool now look set to compete for the title with Manchester City and Arsenal until the very end of the season and aim to win their second Premier League title.

Amid their fight on the pitch, Liverpool’s shirt manufacturers Nike are also working hard behind the scenes in their final plans for the kits which the Merseyside heavyweights will wear next season.

Even though the 2024/25 season is still more than six months away, the manufacturers have to work well before that in finalizing their designs.

It now appears that Nike might have finalized the design for Liverpool’s third kit for the next season.

The third kits are mostly developed by shirt manufacturers for the teams to wear in either European away games or other away matches where the opponents’ home kit colours clash with that of the visiting team.

A recent leak has shown what kind of design Liverpool fans can expect when it comes to their third kit for the 24/25 season. It appears that Nike will be totally moving away from the purple kit design that Liverpool have for their current away kit.

Instead, the Reds are going to get a much more elegant and simpler kit. The colour combination for the 24/25 third kit is likely to be a white shirt with platinum, black and red designs.

The kit is going to have red coloured logos, while the design in the body will be coloured in the platinum shade. It’s to be accompanied by black shorts.

Most of the Liverpool fans on Twitter seem to be in love with this kit design, praising how sweet it really looks.

Some have even compared it to look similar to the 1987 Liverpool away kit which was designed by Adidas, who were their manufacturer from the period of 1985-1996.

Despite the praise for the general design, there seems to be one particular issue in the kit that many fans just can’t seem to ignore.

A lot of complaints have been made towards the style of the Nike logo design, in which the American brand is going to experiment with in the upcoming campaign.

That is because it appears that Nike will move forward with the ‘upside-down double swoosh’ logo design, with their logo being coloured red in this one with a smaller Nike swoosh logo just under the original logo in the Liverpool third kit.

For many, this is a major turnoff and something that ruins the entire vibe of this shirt.

Nike have already experimented with this upside-down Swoosh design in some of their recent products, including their Air Jordans.

They might now be looking to use this unique tweak to football kits, but going by how the Liverpool supporter community hates this concept, it remains to be seen if this actually stays in their final, finished product that is likely to be released in July/August 2024.