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Leaked Man City Home Kit For 24/25 Season Draws Concerns Over Fit: ‘Diet Starts Monday’

Leaked Man City Home Kit For 24/25 Season Draws Concerns Over Fit: ‘Diet Starts Monday’

Manchester City have set the bar for Premier League teams since winning the European Treble in the 2022/23 season and establishing themselves as one of the best of all time.

Even though the CItyzens might be dominating world football under Pep Guardiola, they can’t exactly seem to be the best in terms of the football kits.

Indeed, Man City have not exactly seen that many changes or innovations made to its home kits during their decade of dominance.

The Cityzens ended their association with Nike in 2019 to pen a deal with American giants Puma, with the deal reportedly bagging them a whopping £65 million, over three times what they received from Nike.

However, Puma haven’t exactly been able to bring their A-game in terms of designing the best kits for the defending Premier League giants.

While some of their away kit designs have been impressive, the American brand has been accused of being lazy in barely bringing any significant change in their home kit designs over the last few seasons.

Manchester City’s 2007-08 home kit might be the inspiration behind upcoming 24/25 shirt

It appears that Puma decided to bring a little bit of change to the overall pattern of Man City’s away kit for the 2024/25 season.

Even though Pep Guardiola’s side has multiple trophies to fight for before the current campaign is over, their shirt manufacturers are hard at work finalizing their kit designs for the next season.

A recent leak of Manchester City’s home kit shows how much different Puma is aiming to make it from the current one.

It appears that the brand is going to be adding unique straight stripes all across the body of City’s home attire for the 24/25 campaign.

The leak shows that the colour of the home kit will, obviously, be that of a predictable sky blue shade but that there are going to be white lines all over the front of the attire.

Puma appears to have taken inspiration from Manchester City’s 2007-08 home kit in terms of bringing the stripes back to their home kits.

With that being said, it doesn’t really seem like this unique pattern has been able to win over the majority of the Manchester City fan base. Some fans seem to like this leaked kit’s design, praising the minimalistic and simple design.

The brand has been criticized for being lazy again in basically keeping the same design as earlier home kits and adding that white line pattern to it.

One rather funny complaints seem to be swirling around this kit can be especially uncomfortable and embarrassing to wear for oversized people.

Some are even claiming that the lines might disappear or be displaced if a bulky person was to wear it. There are even a bit of complaining going on about how Puma make their kits too tight, which can be uncomfortable for people too.

As it stands, Puma doesn’t seem to have received any extra brownie points for adding that white stripe pattern in the 24/25 home kit design and might need to make some fine-tuning to make it more glamorous to the majority of the Man City fanbase.