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Leaked Bayern Munich Home Kit for 24/25 Season in Spotlight for Looking More Orange Than Red

Leaked Bayern Munich Home Kit for 24/25 Season in Spotlight for Looking More Orange Than Red

The season is drawing to a close and as a norm, more and more kits are getting leaked. After Barcelona and Liverpool’s ‘Upswoosh’ kits, the latest addition to the list is Bayern Munich’s home kit. 

Gary Neville flew to Bayern Munich to interview Eric Dier for the latest episode of The Overlap. During the recording, the camera moved to an emerging Leroy Sane from the dressing room staircase wearing the new home kit for the Bavarian giants. 

In a teaser-ish manner, the camera moved away but it was too late by then. The fans did not take the time to spot the kit.

Bayern Munich home kit: What Changed?

Adidas probably collaborated with the designers from Apple for the design as the kit looked extremely minimalist in the video. A bit too minimalistic for the fans’ liking. Especially as 2024 marks the 50th year of the Adidas-FCB partnership. The current contract, however, runs till 2030.

The all-tangerine drip, from shirt to socks, did not impress the fans at all. The whole colour scheme is so different from last year that if someone had to spot the team by their kit, they would fail miserably.

The classy white has been completely overlooked and instead, the FCB Red has become the main colour palette. This would probably be the first time in 30 years that the Bayern home kit will have no white at all. The three stripes on the shoulder are done with a darker shade of red.

There are three darker red “soundwave” lines that run from the top down. These wave patterns are supposed to represent the club’s utter dominance over the years (the irony!). The name of the sponsor has retained its place on the shirt. Apart from these, there are very few things to speak of.

It is reassuring to note that Bayern’s kit manufacturer, Adidas did not choose to play with the three stripes for one.

Fans Diss the Mid Kit

The lack of inspiration that might have gone into the making of the kit did not evade anyone. Fans of the club and the fraternity alike joined hands to mock the outfit.


The basic line of banter was very predictable, however. The general consensus was that the look oddly resembled the Netherlands kit. The shirt looked more orange than red and the fans called out Adidas on it. From comparisons with the Dutch squad to memes about prisoners wearing orange robes, social media overflowed with the negative reactions that the fans had for the kit.