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Bayern Munich’s 2023/24 Home Kit Leaked, has a touch of 1930!

Bayern Munich’s 2023/24 Home Kit Leaked, has a touch of 1930!

One thing all football fans look forward to before the start of a new season is their favorite team’s kits. The new jerseys play a huge role in bringing fans closer to their preferred club as they are sold as merchandise and we even get to customize the shirts with our own or the best player’s names. It is also a huge source of revenue for a club which helps them meet their desired expectations from a season.

Here at Thick Accent, we have previously brought to light many fan-made kit designs or leaked pictures of upcoming kits. Today, we bring to you next season’s home kit of German giants Bayern Munich. The elite club is widely popular among fans and are recognized by its typical red home kit. Over the years, red has been the dominant color in their home kits with white often being spotted in their away ones.

Their current season home kit has their primary color red with white horizontal stripes on it. This season’s away kit is a full white one with golden Adidas stripes on the shoulders. It is a matter of fact that whenever Bayern have tried to blend their kits with a touch of gold, they have successfully created magic. For instance, the German club’s 2011/12 home kit saw the color red getting paired with gold and it was a sight to behold when the players walked out donning the jersey.

Speaking of the upcoming season, Bayern have tried something out of the box. Their latest kit was released by a Twitter account named Footy Headlines just a month prior to its official release. Bayern’s kit partners Adidas have gone reverse this time as they opted to make white the primary color. While the main body of the jersey is white, the collar, logos, and stripes come in red. To cut the long story short, they have gone for a reverse Arsenal theme for next season’s home kit.

Speaking of the other features in the kit, the inside of the collar has “Rot & Weiß ein Leben lang” written on it. It means “Red & White a life long” which highlights Bayern’s rule of only allowing the colors red and white in their home kits.

We need to almost go 100 years back to 1930 if we want to find out when Bayern did something similar. In that year, Bayern’s kit saw white as the primary color with the sleeves coming in burgundy. The jersey was relaunched three years back for the club’s 120-years anniversary.

Despite ditching their dominant color this year, the Bayern jersey for the upcoming season is being much appreciated by their supporters. Here are some reactions to the latest reveal:
It looks like Adidas’ experiment to try out a new and different look for the home kit has been approved by the fans. The official release of the kit is scheduled for mid-May and it is certainly something to look forward to the Bayern supporters. Let us know in the comments section below about your thoughts on this latest Bavarians kit.