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How Todd Boehly impressed Chelsea fans with his humble look before £4.25b takeover

How Todd Boehly impressed Chelsea fans with his humble look before £4.25b takeover

The eagle has landed. American billionaire Todd Boehly and his consortium have successfully completed the takeover of Chelsea from the Russian oligarch, Roman Abramovich, for a whopping sum of 4.25 billion pounds. Boehly, who also owns 20% of the American baseball team Los Angeles Dodgers, added another feather to his hat when he decided to take the reins of the Blues from their former owner, Abramovich. 

Abramovich has left a triumphant legacy at Stamford Bridge with two Champions League titles under his belt. So Boehly is well aware of the work he needs to put in as their new boss to take the Blues to greater heights. He needs the support of the fans more than ever, and it looks like he’s off to a flying start.

Boehly arrived in London to complete the formalities of the takeover, but before that he spared some time to click a picture outside Stamford Bridge that embodied his humble personality. 

Keeping in mind the troubles that Chelsea had to go through after being sanctioned by the UK government because of the apparent ties between Abramovich and the Russian government, Boehly didn’t use any bling or shouted out his arrival in the most glamorous way. He kept it simple.

Boehly was seen wearing a casual hoodie with faded pants and shoes whose laces do not match at all. The Chelsea faithful were in awe of his simplicity, with many calling him casual and a carefree gentleman who means business.

More importantly, his shoes were an instant hit and it wouldn’t be a surprise if Chelsea fans pick up on it and make it a trend to wear different laced shoes to the next match in order to show support to their owner. 

“10 billion in the photo but not a Louis Vuitton in sight,” is what one fan wrote on his Twitter feed, clearly denoting that he’s already a hit with the fans at the Bridge.  

Even if Boehly arrived with an entourage of colleagues and lawyers, he steered off any unnecessary publicity that his presence might draw. And the fans loved that. 

The American seemed confident and calm to the fans who want him to bring the same likeable qualities to Chelsea and propel the Blues to yet another successful European season. With Christian Pulisic already in the Chelsea squad, another American is on the verge of making history with the club from London and putting a peaceful end to the ‘Roman’ empire.