Looks Like A Scuba Suit: Leaked Tottenham away kit for 22/23 season draws harsh reviews

Joining in the season of kit leaks, it would appear that Tottenham Hotspur‘s kit collection for the 2022/23 season has emerged online. 

Designed by American sportswear brand Nike, credible sources have shared renders which represent the colours Spurs will sport next season. 

While the traditional white home kit and the uniquely wavy third kit have received positive reactions from fans online, the away kit has left many unimpressed. 

This away kit render has been based on a baby/kids variant of the shirt, it provides an early look at how the shirt will shape up to be.  As seen in the image, the colour choices come off as rather curious. 

A blueish-purple blend envelopes the centre, while a dark navy shade covers the sleeve. The three sponsors at the base have been stacked vertically, all coloured in white. 

The most striking aspect of the look has to be the ‘volt collar’.

Dipped in neon green, the placement of the shade comes off as off-kilter. It also doesn’t seem to coalesce with the other shades, and many fans found it to be an eyesore. 

Naturally, the green and dark navy led to comparisons with scuba suits, on which these shades predominantly feature.

Perhaps opinions on the away kit will shift once the players put it on. For now, fans aren’t holding out any such hopes.