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New leak shows the truly despicable nature of 21/22 Chelsea home kit

New leak shows the truly despicable nature of 21/22 Chelsea home kit

It is safe to say that the leaked pictures of what is rumoured to be Chelsea’s new home kit for the 2021/2022 season has not pleased a majority of the club’s supporters across the world.

The Nike-manufactured home kit has been widely branded as an eyesore ever since the first leaks surfaced, but a new leak that displays the back of the shirt shows the truly despicable nature of the kit.

The kit features an amalgamation of two patterns on the traditional royal blue colours of the club, highlighted by elements of yellow.

While the majority of the shirt is covered in a zig-zag pattern, one-third of the shirt has a chequered pattern printed – a choice of design that has baffled a lot of the club’s supporters online.

If the kit was not already considered as an abomination, the latest leaks which have surfaced online are certain to even make the most tolerant of supporters give in.

The display from the backside of the shirt has been leaked online, and it is an even worse sight – the kit has the same patterns on the back of the shirt, just on the opposite sides of the one in the front of the shirt.

The design has enraged the West London club’s supporters as it has been described as a disgrace and for some, even the worst home kit in the club’s history.

It is sportswear manufacturing giants Nike’s fifth home kit for the club since signing a deal in 2017, but it would not be an occasion that the highly expecting Chelsea supporters would be willing to celebrate – considering the unpopularity of the home kit even before its official release.

New leak showing how the Chelsea home kit for next season will look like from the back