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Liverpool home kit for 22/23 season with retro collar design leaks online

Liverpool home kit for 22/23 season with retro collar design leaks online

A few weeks ago, Liverpool’s home kit for the 2022/23 season leaked online in the form of a rendered concept. 

Its simplistic nature did rub some Reds the wrong way, however, the emergence of a leak showcasing the final product seems to have altered opinions. 

The design itself, as revealed by the render, is rather understated and features no graphics. 

The sole elements on the shirt are the traditional colours and the sponsor logos. 

Next year’s lineup of Nike kits will feature ‘Vaporknit’ patterns going by the leaks. 

The logos have a white/beige shade to them. 

Initially, fans took the lack of graphics as an indicator of insufficient effort put in by kit provider Nike.

The shade of red in the renders came off as basic or run-of-the-mill, which seemed to be the main gripe. 

However, the first image of the kit looks to have a much richer shade of red, along with a certain glossiness about it. 

Some fans have likened the minimal approach to the home kit used in 2005. 

The sponsors at the time were Reebok, and thematically the kit kept it simple. 

Additionally, both the kits also share similar collar designs, a hexagonal pattern by the looks of it. 

The neckline certainly adds that retro touch to it, and overall the kit has gone down well among Reds. 

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