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The Gorgeous Concept Kit Featuring Old Sponsor Samsung Chelsea Fans Are Going Nuts Over

The Gorgeous Concept Kit Featuring Old Sponsor Samsung Chelsea Fans Are Going Nuts Over

Just a few days ago, details of Nike-designed kits for next season were leaked, an entire year before their official reveals.

And one of the standout leaks that emerged was that of Chelsea’s home kit for 2023/24.

It suggested that the Blues’ primary threads for next season will go the opulent route, featuring a blend of the traditional blue and a shade of gold.

The leak also added that the kit will include minor black-and-white accents to bring the look together. Following the news, Chelsea fans started to get a bit excited, and soon enough, concept kits and early renders started popping up online.

Even FootyHeadlines, the publication behind the leak, came out with an 80% accurate mock-up of next season’s kit, featuring white panels and a modified iteration of the club crest.

Fans instantly likened the render to the Blues’ 1998/99 home kit, which displayed similar shades and design choices.

Many were fans of the early render, as the kit appears to be brimming with quality. However, fan-created concepts still remain the epitome of kit design, just take a look at this Chelsea concept.

Crafted by @_Asperion_, the look brings together the various elements dispersed by the leaks and makes for a truly stunning kit.

The royal blue returns at the base, paired alongside subtle dark blue stripes which run vertically across the center.

The stripes are likely inspired by Chelsea’s UCL winning look from 2011/12, albeit with a change of direction.

The white panels, as in the render, are also present, although they are far more detailed.

With some classy blue and gold pinstripes, the white panel extends to the very bottom of the shirt, and even resembles a collar near the neck.

The standout details on the shirt are present right at the base, in the form of golden logos.

The Nike swoosh and Chelsea crest are enveloped in a posh color, with the crest featuring a textured design.

Beneath the two, fan-favorite sponsor Samsung makes a return, also dipped in gold.

The Blues enjoyed a largely successful period with the technology brand as sponsor, as they lifted numerous league titles and eventually, the European crown.

For the Chelsea faithful, anyone but Three UK would go. But the addition of Samsung specifically adds a bit more verve to the look.

Fans online were in awe after feasting their eyes upon the look. It remains to be seen if Nike’s efforts lead to a similar degree of amazement.