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What The Athletic survey revealed about your favourite Premier League club

What The Athletic survey revealed about your favourite Premier League club

With close to 75% of the 20/21 Premier League season done, The Athletic asked their subscribers to rate their favourite club’s performances and chances on a variety of issues.

What we can already reveal is that Newcastle United have fared badly in all of the survey results. In fact, they are bottom in all 5 of them, which quite sadly, just sums up the plight of the Magpies fans this season.

Let’s get right into it –

Chance of winning a trophy next season

More than half of Wolves, Aston Villa and Leeds United fans reckon they are in with a chance to win a trophy next season.

Amongst the big 6 clubs, Arsenal fans are extremely pessimistic of their odds of bagging any honours in 21/22 with only 31.20% of Gooners voting in favour of Mikel Arteta and co. achieving glory.

Performance this season

As expected, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur supporters are not happy with how their season has gone so far.

Though, in quite a surprising turn of events, close to 45% of Leeds United fans remain unsatisfied with the proceedings in 20/21. We wonder what their expectations were considering it was the Whites’ first season back in the Premier League after an absence of 16 years.

In another result that is rather stupefying, 71.57% of Arsenal fans reckon they have been good this season. The Gunners are 9th in the table.

If they would be happy if the manager is still there next season

The survey shows that Jose Mourinho’s stocks with the Spurs faithful is very low at the moment.

On the other hand, Everton fans are most satisfied as Carlo Ancelotti’s popularity continues to soar among the blue half of Merseyside.

If their club is well run

Leicester City maintains their status as one of the best-run clubs.

Though, the same couldn’t be said about Manchester United as the Premier League juggernauts find themselves in the 16th spot with fans expressing their displeasure at the work done by Ed Woodward and co.

If their club plays an entertaining brand of football

Tottenham fans are not exactly loving life under Jose Mourinho but Leeds United fans are absolutely smitten with Marcelo Bielsa’s high-octane brand of football.

The methodology behind the numbers

The questions were asked on a scale of 1 out of 5 options (distraught, unhappy, neither, happy, delighted) that have been converted to percentages starting at 20% on the graph.

This means that it was basically impossible to rate a question 0 out of 5.

The 5 options (distraught, unhappy, neither, happy, delighted) have been turned into 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100% on the graph.