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Commentator approves of Gareth Bale’s elbow hit on Ondrej Kudela

Commentator approves of Gareth Bale’s elbow hit on Ondrej Kudela

Manchester United winger Daniel James scored the solitary goal as Wales accomplished a 1-0 win over the Czech Republic in a World Cup Qualifying encounter.

The Welsh are now third in the Group E points table, having played a game less than both Belgium and Czech Republic who occupy the first and second spots respectively.

Both sides ended the game with 10 men on the pitch as Patrik Schick and Connor Roberts were given their marching orders in the second half at Cardiff.

Though, it was the return of Ondrej Kudela in the UK that made the talking points following the game.

Stance on racism

The Welsh squad made their stance clear on racism when they wore t-shirts with anti-racist messages before the clash at the Cardiff City Stadium.

Welsh players wear ‘show racism the red card’ t-shirts in warmup

Before kick-off, the Welsh players were seen kneeling as part of their and the footballing community’s stance against racism.

Czech Republic players on the other hand chose to stand as their counterparts knelt.

Ondrej Kudela, along with other Czech players, chose to not kneel at kick-off

Gareth Bale’s elbow on Ondrej Kudela

Ondrej Kudela, who has been accused of racially abusing Rangers midfielder Glen Kamara, received the full brunt of Gareth Bale’s elbow on his face during the dying minutes of the match.

The Slavia Prague player went to the ground screaming and had to be replaced in the aftermath of the incident.

Commentator gives in to primal instinct

Although the commentators are always advised to not show bias while covering a game, a Sky Sports commentator just couldn’t hide his emotions after the incident between Gareth Bale and Kudela.

The UEFA investigation on the racist abuse from Kudela is still ongoing but that didn’t stop the commentator from his speaking his mind out as his primal instincts took over in the instance.

“I’m sure there will be large sections of the football community that won’t be too upset to see him take a blow to the face” – said the commentator following the incident.


At times, as much as it feels right, violence is never the answer. In time, Ondrej Kudela will have to answer for what he is accused of but that doesn’t make what Gareth Bale did was right.

No matter the context, we cannot talk about how the impact of heading the ball affects the brain and then also at the same time, go on a celebrate an elbow to the head.