No Surprise: Leeds United top sprinting charts among 492 football clubs worldwide

Marcelo Bielsa

Leeds United has left every other club football trailing behind this season, as stats reveal that they’ve been the hardest sprinting side in the world.

The CIES Football Observatory Weekly Post revealed that about 492 clubs from 27 different leagues were a part of this study conducted by SkillCorner, and the Whites have topped the charts this season with a whopping 2.23 km sprints per game.

The stat is a testament to the efforts put in by their Argentinian boss Marcelo Bielsa towards reinvigorating the fitness standards of the club. The results of the new regime can be extrapolated from the fact that Leeds have outrun their opponents in 37 of their 38 league appearances!

The CIES charts consequently reflect that none of the other clubs from the English top-flight has even made it to the top 20 of the list, let alone matching up to the Whites. The Swiss club BSC Young Boys is a close second with numbers of 2.21 km per game.

As speedy as they have been, however, victory has eluded Bielsa’s men who are languishing down at the 15th spot in the premier table.

As the International break nears its end, Leeds United will travel to north London to take on Spurs, hoping to translate their peaking physicality into points and uplifting their dismal campaign.   

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